Marketing and PR Impact Measurement

Marketing and PR Impact Measurement

Impact Measurement vs Influence

There’s influence – the signals that matter (and their quality). Are we reaching more people? Are we increasing association with positive sentiment or key brand themes?

And there’s impact – have we actually changed perceptions? Have survey scores gone up?

The Importance of Impact Measurement

Only by accurately measuring impact can you develop a clear and accurate understanding of how effectively your PR and marketing is working. Insight used to shape campaign success. 

Why create hit and hope coverage when you can measure and study the genuine impact and influence that the campaign is having?

Use impact measurement to discover changes in:

  • How effectively your PR increased the visibility of your brand
  • What your brand is famous for
  • Positive brand associations
  • The trust and emotion around your brand
  • Whether your PR is touching on issues or making you visible on issues that matter to your audience

Our AMEC aligned in-house KPI, brand, reputation and conversion measurement tools measure all of that for you.

Measured Marketing and PR is Profitable Marketing and PR

The more accurately you can measure the impact of your marketing and PR the more impact your marketing and PR will have in the future. Your messaging better targeted, your campaigns honed.    

PR Impact Measurement. We’ll Tell You if it’s Truly Landing

Say you’re a tech provider working with schools. And say your tech exists to improve the quality of education, to help teachers use their time more efficiently and suffer less stress in the classroom. Are these key messages getting that message across? Are you effectively positioning your brand as the way to achieve this? Are you clear and convincing when it comes to the educational benefits? Or are those clear benefits of your tech getting lost in the tech, or lost in bigger educational issues or HR issues?

If your messaging, your PR is landing – do more of the same. 

Messaging unclear? Then ask yourself, how effectively can you position your brand as the ideal solution to the educational problems that really matter? How best can you double down on time savings, the stress-busting and performance improvements? And are you focusing on those who will benefit most?

Coverage is Vanity, Change is Sanity

Instead of simply counting the pieces of coverage, we’ll tell you whether your marketing and PR has cut through. Whether it’s landed. Engaged. Has it changed perceptions? Has your messaging made people see things in a different way? In a fresh light? Have you made a positive contribution to the conversation? Have you made the change you PR sought to effect?

More than just tell you how your marketing and PR is performing on a commercial level we’ll show you how it’s working on a reputational level too.

Time to find out how our Marketing and PR Impact Measurement can help record and influence the perception of your reputation? 

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