Fixed and Mobile Telecoms PR

Fixed and Mobile Telecoms PR

Fixed and Mobile Telecoms PR that wins you the recognition you deserve. That takes you where you want to go. What’s not to like?

Perhaps you work in ‘invisible innovation’? Deloittes define it as the background work, the semiconductors, software, connectivity, memory and sensors. Technology such as 5G and artificial intelligence.

Whether your innovation is ‘invisible’ or whether you work in a more obvious subsector of the Fixed and Mobile Telecoms industry such as handsets, network equipment, MVNO or BSS/OSS support, of course the last thing you want is for your profile, your benefit and your value to be invisible.

That’s where we step in, industry leading Fixed and Mobile Telecoms PR that wins you the recognition you deserve. That takes you where you want to go.

Fixed and Mobile Telecoms PR –  A Double Win

It takes great talent to recognise opportunity. Greater talent still to take full advantage of it.

At PR Agency One we don’t just spot the valuable stories, the angles, the press worthy narratives behind your technologies, we’re skilled in making sure your value reaches the most influential of media – on and offline – at the right time, in the right ways.

Thought leadership pieces, White Papers, Research, Event Management supported by  a hard working press office and combined with award winning Digital PR – the high value link-building, goal setting, conversion rate optimisation and analytics that drives every PRAO campaign.

Powerful, targeted coverage with powerful, targeted and long lasting benefits.

Award Winning Telecoms PR Measurement

Did you know too that we’ve developed an award winning evaluation system? OneEval, gives you total transparency on a vast range of deliverables. Campaign performance laid bare. Real world, real time measurement that lets us calibrate every campaign for optimum performance. Measurements such as:

  • Key message delivery in editorial
  • Share of voice compared to competitors
  • Improvements in the number and position of key search terms
  • Branded search traffic to clients’ domain (a KPI of brand awareness)

Strategic Fixed and Mobile Telecoms PR

And because we understand the tech journey – the value evolution from conception to initial investment to Crowdfunding, to Seed, to Series A, to Series B to IPO, it means that every campaign is crafted with a clear business case. That every campaign is strategically deployed.

Specialist Telecoms PR Support

Looking for specialist Fixed and Mobile Telecoms PR?

Talk to us today. Expert. Experienced. Proven.

We’ll show you the many ways we can help you grow your business.

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