Brand and Reputation

Brand and Reputation Management

Your Brand Awareness is Part of Your Reputation

The value of your brand, your business, is based on successful reputation management. Reputation management that also helps you run your operations run more efficiently.

We use competitor comparisons and reputation reports to detail exactly you are perceived both internally and by your existing customers and prospects. Explore the core reputational qualities that shape your brand: 

  • Market visibility
  • Being known by the audience you want to reach
  • Being understood by that audience for the things that you want to be known for
  • Market differentiation 
  • Your ability to maintain a trusted profile so reality matches your promise

OneEval – Reputation and OneEval – Brand measure and track all these important brand cornerstones, so whether you’re a FTSE 100 company, a start-up, or an SME working hard to take your business to the next level we help you become stronger and more sustainable by managing your reputation as an asset.

Manage Brand and Reputation

We help you measure, track and manage:

  • Your reputational performance across key customer-critical attributes.
  • Customer experience trends on key issues.
  • How customers respond on an emotional level to your brand as opposed to simple sentiment reporting.
  • Up to five years’ historical trends.
  • Detailed competitor analysis.
  • Reputation trust and risk.
  • Customer conversations through social media.
  • Your global brand perception

Beyond these core strengths are other important attributes – your innovation, financial health and management. Also, brand attributes that are specific to your business. 

For example, if you’re a retailer then it’s necessary for your brand that you have sufficient stock, that your stock is priced correctly, is stylish, and that your products fulfil an important customer need. Brand qualities that will differ depending on whether you’re Primark or Selfridges. Elements of brand that are the unique character of your business. 

But you should also be innovative, well run, innovative, successful. Reputational qualities that are true, whatever you do.

A Complete Approach to Building Your Brand

We measure and track reputation, that reveals your current reputation, how it compares to your competitors and track the impact of PR campaigns, as well as other events or issues.

Coaching and Training

We provide reputation coaching for teams and leaders to help you work on your reputation weaknesses and to improve customer service and product development.

Communications Strategy

Communications strategy, stakeholder engagement and media relations – makes sure that your PR, marketing and digital campaigns always working to maximum effect.

By understanding reputational drivers for each market and stakeholder we improve your external audience reputation and maximise the impact of our work.

It’s a powerful, proven approach that can be successfully applied across your whole organisations or zero in specific issues or markets such as corporate reputation strategy and campaigns for specific brands or products.

Crisis Management

Fast-acting, highly reactive crisis management when you need it most. Crisis Management that’s effective, ongoing, tracked and closely supported.

Business Transformation Strategy

From mergers and acquisitions to expansion into new markets the perception of your business both internally and externally can have a significant impact on your value, your success. Our extensive reputation management experience means that in times of change and transformation you’re always managing that change effectively.

Find out how we benchmark, measure and track all your important brand and reputation factors, how we shape your PR to handle threat, maximize opportunity and deliver the very best in data-driven PR.

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