Attribution modelling

Attribution modelling

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Unless you’re crediting the right things for your success, unless you’re attribution modelling, you’re going to struggle to be successful. Especially when it comes to the tricky world of digital. Unless you know the back story, the trajectory of the conversion, if all you can see is the point of entry, the last known click, then it’s the last known click that will be credited. And that can be dangerous.

False Friends

You may have put a huge amount of time, energy and expense into a broad range of marketing channels. Into social media, organic search, into media and press relations, paid advertising TV and remarketing. But if it’s remarketing that’s proving to be your last known click, if remarketing is mopping up all the conversions, then it’s remarketing that will get the glory. The rest of your efforts eclipsed by the ‘winner takes it all’ interpretation of your funnel.

Independent Analysis

And it can even be more misleading than that. Even with a more sophisticated attribution model, with vested interests at the table, different attribution stories are bound to be told. The paid search team leaning towards their input, organic SEO to theirs and so on,

Which makes it all the more important that not only do you employ the most insightful attribution models you can, but also that you employ the most insightful and neutral attribution modellers too.

Attribution Modelling That Fits Your Business

At PR Agency One we develop attribution models to fit your business. We look at assisted conversions and the most common conversion paths. And because we’re objective and because we have no channel axe to grind we’re able to give you an accurate understanding of exactly how you are generating your conversions. An independent analysis.

Proven Causation for Decathlon

Here’s an example of how out attribution modelling revealed, more than a correlation, a causation between PR and brand benefit.  

We imported product data into an SQL database. Then we cleaned it. We labelled it, categorised it and we sorted it. Conflicting products were separated from others and so it went on. 

We can then run a campaign focusing on smaller samples of key products where there is like for like, year on year data. We can then overlay press coverage in the likes of The Sun, The Independent, Eurosport, The Mirror, Daily Express, Daily Telegraph, Women’s Health to look for attribution, normalising price, SKU variety and brand.

Post coverage sales performance analysis using tools can show a correlation between our PR activity and brand search. Brand search that caused a x2  likelihood of campaign products being added to online shopping baskets compared to no campaign products. Clear causation. The direct benefit of PR for all to see.

Do more of what works.

Find out how our attribution modelling expertise can help reveal your true attribution paths. 

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