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If you are looking for a social media agency then you are in the right place. Social media campaigns are PR Agency One’s strengths. We do social media in a way that adds to your core PR and marketing efforts, rather than creating yet another channel that needs managing.

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We use social media to increase engagement, brand visibility and lead generation. Our social media management services are award winning and can be delivered as a stand alone service or as a in collaboration with you in house team.

  • Research and identification of target audiences: we use planning data to actively target audiences with relevant content.  All social media platforms have excellent advertising planning tools that allow us to hone in on audiences for maximum impact.  Our influencer PR team can use a number of tools alongside our own expertise to identify the influencers that matter.
  • Community management: We can manage Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter LinkedIn, Instagram and Youtube communities and using paid social strategies to target key demographics.  We can manage your communities in isolation or in partnership with your in-house team.
  • Content marketing and production: our content team creates content to support social media, vertical video, PR or above the line campaigns. Speak to our content marketing team for more information or view our case studies page.
  • Paid social media campaigns: Paid social media campaigns provide an effective way to reach a broad and engaged audience. Through the use of targeted ads and creative content, brands can capture attention and create meaningful connections with their target demographic. Paid social campaigns leverage sophisticated algorithms that incorporate various factors such as demographics, interests, location, and behaviour to deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right people.
  • Social media marketing: we target relevant audiences with digital marketing activity and online content such as creative PR stunts or thought leadership reports.
  • Strategy and training: our social media team provides training to ensure that the impact of social media is being tracked and evaluated.  Ever wondered what engagement statistics really mean? Or doubted the value of the number of impressions that your campaigns provide? You are not alone.  We can train you on focus in on the tactics and metrics that matter

Social Media Agency and Community Management Services

Our social media agency and community management services can help you develop your brand, which means we’ll be there for you in times of online opportunity or crisis.

Championing all things PR and social we will manage your day to day social media activity and apply our expert knowledge of blogger outreach, community conversation management and all elements of paid, earned and owned social media campaigns to create maximum coverage, engagement and buzz.

Delivering outcome based social media campaigns is our greatest strength, and we make sure to bring the same professionalism to your Facebook page management as we do liaising with bloggers and journalists to create your campaign.

We’ll create a campaign that reaches the right people in your industry, and with our Facebook management services, we’ll give you a new opportunity to listen to what your customers are saying about your business.

Using paid social media techniques to drive engagement, impressions and conversions

Paid social media techniques are a great way to increase PR for your brand, drive engagement, impressions and conversions. Through platforms such as Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and LinkedIn Ads, you can target specific audiences with tailored content that resonates with them on an individual level. This helps to capture attention and prompt action from potential customers. Paid social media techniques combined with PR tactics are a powerful combination for driving engagement, impressions and conversions.

By carefully measuring and tracking your campaigns, you can identify which techniques are most effective and adjust them accordingly. You can also use the data to gain insights into customer interests and preferences which can help inform marketing strategies going forward. Paid social media techniques should be used with caution though – it’s important to ensure that content is relevant and engaging in order to drive the best results.

Overall, paid social media techniques can be a powerful tool to help increase PR for your brand, drive engagement, impressions and conversions. Utilising PR strategies in combination with these techniques can help you reach the right people and create effective campaigns that will generate results. As long as the content is relevant and engaging it can be an invaluable asset to your PR and marketing efforts.

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Use a Broad Range of Social Channels in Your Social media  Community Management Strategy

Instagram is perfect for influencer marketing but Youtube is often overlooked by marketers, despite it being the world’s second largest search engine, a powerful advertising platform and home to some of the world’s biggest online influencers.  We have a dedicated influencer and video production team that sits alongside our content marketing team.

For digital marketers, Youtube is an invaluable platform for reaching audiences with powerful content. One example of a successful influencer on the platform is Mr Beast, who has over 51 million subscribers – over 10 times more than the BBC’s total viewership. His success demonstrates how digital marketing campaigns can be hugely effective when utilised in the right way.

Another ‘era defining’ social media platform that digital marketers are utilising today is TikTok, with its unique blend of humour and creativity providing ample opportunities to reach potential customers in engaging ways. Ultimately, it’s clear that digital marketing strategies should not be limited to just Facebook and Twitter; leveraging platforms such as YouTube and TikTok can provide added value and reach even wider audiences.

We are here to help.

LinkedIn for B2B and lead generation exercises

LinkedIn now offers a wide range of communities which can be built and managed. These work alongside paid for channels including display and inbox messaging.  Many brands need support in using LinkedIn so not to be seen negatively or spammy, so if you need some help them get in touch.

Organic digital marketing techniques can be used on LinkedIn in order to build a presence and network. This can include anything from posting content, sharing relevant industry articles, updating company profiles and engaging with users through comments. For more direct digital marketing efforts, Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Advertising can also be employed. These tools allow for segmentation of audiences, targeting of specific job titles and industries while providing detailed analytics to track success. All these methods are key ways to ensure the brand is properly represented on the platform while expanding reach and generating leads for business growth.

Meaningful Social Media Engagement And ROI

We help brands engage on social media by having meaningful conversations with real people and igniting positive word of mouth. We do this through PR, influencer campaigns, conversation platforms, advocacy programmes, community building and management, social applications, conversation response and reputation management.  Anyone can secure organic and paid visibility on social media, so importance needs to be placed on meaningful social media engagement.

Our insight team provides a wealth of data to help fans falling into the same old traps.

We use our analytics and measurement expertise and deep understanding of brands with strategic, creative and technology skills to help you understand the impact and influence that social media is having on your company.  We will work with you to implement the changes that need to be made as a result and develop complete social media strategies, provide bespoke training, design and implement listening and responding programmes, advise on crisis planning and provide ad-hoc social media consultancy and advice.

Our team are experts in social media and are there to work with your in house team, or are available for fully outsourced 24/7 campaigns.

If you want to find out about our social media engagement strategies then get in touch. Call us on:

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