Investor Relations

Reputation is a crucial asset for strong investor relations, helping to prove robust and sustainable businesses success.  We provide insight and support crucial to maintaining reputation with current and potential investors.

Strategy for Better Investor Reputation

Good investor relations begins with understanding your reputation, how you are perceived by the investor community and having a clear view of potential reputation risk.

Our reputation measurement and tracking tools provide clear management information on all of these areas.  We then work with boards to set a clear strategy for improving investor reputation, with clear priorities and goals for improving reputation.

This insight also helps with investor reporting, presenting a clear view of this important asset and giving investors peace of mind that reputation risks are being tracked and mitigated against.

For listed companies, we can also track links between changes in reputation quality and share price value, helping to measure the financial value of a good reputation.

Our services can also be used to carry out due diligence research on potential investments or acquisitions, as well as comparing and contrasting the reputation of competitors within targeted businesses sectors.

Investor relations are also supported by our other reputation management services, which include:

Coaching and training – working with organisations and business leaders to help them achieve their potential by maximising reputation.

Communications strategy, stakeholder engagement and media relations – using our insights into client reputation to maximise effectiveness and impact of our work to enhance how organisations and brands are perceived.

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