Reputation Training Courses

We run a series of reputation training courses for individuals and teams wishing to learn more about managing reputation.  These are suitable for all levels and disciplines, teaching lessons that are universally applicable to help improve relationships, performance and image.

Learn How to Manage Reputation

 A better understanding of reputation can help individuals, teams and organisations to unlock their potential.

Our reputation training courses cover a range of topics:

  • The Art of Personal Reputation – suitable for business leaders and people wishing to enhance their careers.
  • Reputation and Risk Management – suitable for Risk Managers looking to incorporate reputation within their risk framework.
  • Reputation and Building Brands – for marketers and communication professionals looking to enhance reputation.
  • Reputation for Leaders – suitable for business leaders looking to grow their business through better reputation.

All of these reputation training courses show how to develop reputation as an asset, providing a new way to look at how brand equity, business value and successful relationships are formed.

Reputation measurement and tracking can be used to identify where the greatest need for training lies within your organisation or what aspects of reputation are most in need of development.  The same tools can also be used to track the impact to the organisation of change created.

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