Brand awareness and tracking

Brand awareness and tracking

There are two ways that OneEval Brand can support brand awareness and tracking.

Stakeholder Research

Stakeholder research measures the ingrained perceptions that people have of your business – how aware they are of your brand. What they think your brand stands for, what are its attributes. We’ll discover and continually test these perceptions with stakeholder research surveys.

In the case of our award-winning work with Decathlon a monthly survey more than 7,000 consumers across the UK monthly that quizzed consumers, existing customers and Decathlon employees on the sports they had been playing, how often they’d exercised and what had prompted it – e.g. televised sporting events, better weather, the school holidays. 

A rich source of clear, up-to-date insight that included the following reputation attributes:

  • Seen: Perceptions of brand visibility
  • Perform: Perceptions of current and future business success
  • Lead: Perceived quality of leaders
  • Create: Beliefs around the ability to innovate
  • Steward: Perceived quality of Decathlon’s’ governance
  • Deliver: Perceived usefulness and effectiveness of products and services
  • Engage: Perceptions of Decathlon’s ability to engage
  • Belong: The perceived quality of sustainability and corporate citizenship
  • Care: Perceptions of Decathlon’s qualities as an employer
  • Brand: Perceived association with the attributes of a high-quality sports equipment retailer

We also look for how effectively your brand is influencing those perceptions – is it becoming more visible? Is it strengthening association with positive attributes, products or solutions that you want to focus on?

We then create the right blend of measurement to understand the current situation, the direction of travel and how well we’re influencing it.

Based on our ongoing review we identify the pressure that needs to be applied to that perception of the brand what we need to tweak and the battles that we’re winning and what areas need closer attention. All the time we’re tweaking the strategy based on live data that we’re capturing.

Competitor Profiles

Our Brand Tracker also identifies and assesses competitor profiles. In the case of Decathlon the profiles of 42 competitors including Blacks, Trespass, Go Outdoors, Millets, Footlocker, JD Sports. 

We needed to understand how each had achieved their respective positions and in attempting to overtake them to be realistic and to accept the things we couldn’t change and focus on things we could.

It was important to understand what might be driving their brand awareness and how they differed to Decathlon – the size of store networks, media spend, social reach, earned media and PR. By working out relative scores for these, we were able to identify the key battlegrounds.

E.g. Decathlon couldn’t compete with many in terms of store network size, or media spend. But they could compete in terms of owned media, PR, social engagement and word of mouth.

Using this insight we worked alongside Decathlon to set key priorities for building a reputation, allowing us to work collaboratively on the areas that would have the most impact.

Want a deeper understanding of your reputational priorities too? An understanding based on hard data, not hunches, guesswork, or just part of the picture? 

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