Education PR

Our education PR team has years of experience and has delivered award-winning campaigns for schools, academies, colleges, universities and organisations that help to service the education sector.

We have launched new universities, supported workplace development, promoting professional training and delivered CSR education and skills campaigns for large corporate businesses.

Our knowledge of bringing together the digital and education sectors has made PR Agency One the go-to agency for innovative firms in the education technology sector.

Rest assured, we know the education PR marketplace inside out.

Supporting schools, universities and their suppliers with education PR

The education sector is in fact a diverse market with multiple segments that bridge the public and private sectors.

Stakeholders in this marketplace are varied and can range for government, colleges, exam boards, politicians, suppliers and students.

All these audiences are important but need handling carefully with individual and carefully targeted messages.

Regardless of your aims or objectives, PR Agency One has the experience and competency to handle your campaign or project no matter how big or small.

We also work with organisations that supply the education sector with products and services.

We understand that selling into the education sector can be tough. From finding the right decision-makers to building long-term relationships and getting the approval in the procurement process, we have experience of helping companies to thrive.

Education press office

We run a hard-working press office that builds your profile in a targeted way through the right publications and gets your brand in front of budget holders and decision-makers.

We also create robust thought leadership reports that put your organisation at the centre of important debates and in front of politicians, education industry bodies, teachers, parents, students and investors in the sector.

Our thought leadership reports also support your lead generation by providing intelligent content for email marketing campaigns, roundtable events, blogs and podcasts.

Digital campaigns for education

Alongside our solid experience of managing PR and marketing in the education sector, we bring new thinking based on the latest digital insights, online marketing and social media trends.

With parents and students have more access to information that even before, managing your reputation online is vital to every organisation that interacts with the education sector.

And we have a unique way to measure our impact and clearly demonstrate the outcomes of our efforts thanks to our award-winning PR evaluation system called OneEval.

To find out how PR Agency one’s specialist education team can support your growth, contact James Crawford on:

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