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Online reputation management is essential. We help brand managers and individuals to understand and manage online reputation, by revealing how products, services and individuals are being talked about and the impact this reputation is having on potential customers and other key audiences.

Online reputation often starts with a Google search. In the modern world, the results that Google presents help make or break a reputation. This reputation might hinder a company’s performance, put off talent from applying for a job or damage an individual’s standing.

These results might include earned, owned, paid and shared media:

  • News and information about you and your brand
  • Images in Google images or on social media
  • Reviews, e.g. Glassdoor
  • Social media content, within Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc
  • Adverts
  • Owned assets, such as blogs and websites.

Many clients simply want to build their profile online to help them achieve their objectives. As an award-winning PR agency with its own online marketing specialism, our online reputation team are skilled in creating assets, content and campaigns that can blow your competition out of the water. We’ve got an award-winning track record for media relations and social media.  Our teams can create a strategy to meet your objectives, based on insight and research.

Defensive online reputation management

Sometimes clients come to us with major reputational problems and we are willing to work with businesses who want to make a real change to how they are perceived rather than wallpaper over the problem.

These problems often follow a similar pattern:

  • Historical media coverage, that is inaccurate or unfairly describes, damages or defames
  • Competition from other brands or individuals with the same or similar name
  • Identity theft (catfishing) or trolling
  • Fraud or scam sites designed to blackmail
  • Social media attacks
  • Owned assets that are not visible or being effective

We have in house technical SEOs, social media consultants, paid media specialists and website developers, who can advise on how to create the most effective defensive platform, and a team of PR professionals who can create a wall of positivity about you or your brand.

Online Reputation Measurement of and Insight is our point of difference

While many online reputation experts will focus solely to fix the problem that is visible, we provide insights to solve the problem at the root cause. We deliver detailed measurement and tracking of online brands, applying a reputation framework to reveal strengths and weaknesses; highlighting possible risks to reputation and areas for improvement.

This analysis can also benchmark against competitors and look at historical trends (going back up to five years) to put the findings into context.

We then use these insights to shape future strategy for PR, marketing and digital activity, targeting efforts where they will have most impact.

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