Data Science Services

Data Science Services

What’s data science (according to Harvard Business Review the “sexiest job of the 21st century”) got to do with modern PR

In a word – everything.

From shaping briefs and pitches on hard cold facts instead of conjecture, to a breadth and depth of research unimaginable only a few years ago. 

From strategy formulation and implementation to nimble, rapid-fire campaign adjustments based on real-time in-depth measurement and evaluation. 

Data Science Services

And while most PR agencies will claim business knowledge or an element of digital skills it’s still rare that anyone will properly combine the two. It’s unique that a PR agency can blend these two modern marketing essentials AND add that powerful third element – a scientific/mathematical methodology. We do.

A new PR model that delivers a powerful new data science approach.

Integrated Digital and Business PR

22 strong and supplemented by a team of specialist in-house SEO, paid, content and web development experts, PR Agency One has grown rapidly since our 2011 launch to become a leading light in integrated digital PR thinking and technique. 

At the heart of our strength? Integration. And at the heart of that integration? Data.

While all staff are trained to apply the latest analytics, panel research, goal setting and digital marketing techniques and tools to PR, tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, SearchMetrics, SEMRush, Ruler Analytics and Majestic, where we really score is in supplementing that knowledge with new data science expertise.

Trend analysis for example that takes huge chunks of data and is able to identify the trajectory of user behaviour. 

Or user profiling that allows you to collect disparate online consumer activity to build profiles. 

Or advanced lead scoring allows you to calculate conversion probabilities and communicate accordingly with your prospects.

Award-Winning Integrated Data Science / Digital / Business PR

It’s an approach that not only benefits our clients, we’ve enjoyed our fair share of success too – Gold Innovation Award for New Measurement Methodologies at the AMEC Awards 2019 in Prague a recognition of our advanced digital and data-driven approach.

Big Data

With Big Data getting bigger it’s essential that you work with a PR partner not only able to recognise the potential of data in and around your organisation but able to turn the information locked in big data into big meaning. Insight that can inform and inspire campaigns. An agency with the smarts to not only aggregate data but with the tools to measure, research, report and evaluate that data. The types of AMEC award-winning tools that we use every day.

Award-winning AMEC aligned in-house KPI, brand, reputation and conversion measurement tools. 

Small Data

But more than managing volume it’s also important that your team has the ability to extract genuine value from your data, to interrogate your data at a granular level, to go small on data too. For example in cross-platform sales attribution or in user behaviour.

Data Science as Part of Your PR

Find out how our data science services can use a world of big data to help you grow your business.

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