Thank You Teacher Takeover: One4all Gift Cards’ Thank You Teacher Campaign Shines

At PR Agency One, we have mastered the art of transforming key calendar dates, influencer talent and media relations into extraordinary PR events. Our recent activation for One4all Gift Cards for their Thank You Teacher campaign perfectly exemplifies our expertise.

By strategically blending influencer marketing, media relations, and insightful research, we brought this campaign to life, culminating in an unforgettable collaboration with MC Grammar and a remarkable feature on Heart FM and many other radio stations, newspapers and magazines.

The Thank You Teacher PR Campaign

One4all Gift Cards understands the immense value of expressing gratitude to teachers for their hard work and dedication. In our Thank You Teacher campaign, we set out to go beyond conventional gifts like flowers and chocolates to make saying thank you truly unforgettable.

Insightful PR Research Findings

Our research revealed that 5 in 10 teachers (52%) prefer to receive something homemade rather than chocolates or baked goods. In fact, teachers admitted to regifting their thank-you gifts in the past, with 45% of respondents acknowledging this practice. These findings highlighted the importance of thoughtful, practical gifts from the heart, along with a One4all Giftcard, the gift of choice, reflecting the deep appreciation and respect teachers deserve.

Heart FM Interview with MC Grammar and One4all Giftcards

To amplify the campaign’s reach and impact, we forged a collaboration with MC Grammar, an influential figure known for his unique blend of rap and education.

Working closely with Markettiers4dc, we created a captivating rap dedicated to teachers, showcasing the perfect gifts to honour their exceptional contributions. The pinnacle of this collaboration was the feature of MC Grammar’s rap and a brilliant interview on Heart FM, a prominent radio station with an extensive audience. This partnership allowed us to connect with teachers and their supporters on a national scale, generating excitement, gratitude, and widespread awareness for the campaign.

The Power of Influencer Marketing and PR Working Together

Influencer marketing lies at the heart of our successful PR events. By seamlessly integrating MC Grammar’s talent into our media relations efforts, we ensured that the campaign’s message resonated deeply with the audience. MC Grammar’s captivating rap not only entertained but also effectively conveyed the significance of appreciating teachers in an engaging and memorable way. This authentic integration of influencer marketing served as a catalyst for sparking conversations, generating organic engagement, and amplifying the campaign’s impact across various media channels.

Driving Engagement Across the PESO Mix

Successful PR events thrive on driving engagement across the PESO (Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned) mix. Leveraging MC Grammar’s influence, we secured valuable earned media coverage through prominent newspapers and radio stations, including the remarkable feature on Heart FM. This earned media exposure amplified the campaign’s reach and generated widespread awareness of the Thank You Teacher campaign.

The coverage was strategically shared and amplified through social media platforms, enabling us to connect with a wider audience and foster authentic conversations surrounding teacher appreciation. By seamlessly blending influencer marketing with earned media coverage, we maximised the campaign’s impact, facilitating genuine engagement, and igniting meaningful discussions about the importance of thoughtful gift-giving.

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