Corporate Reputation Monitoring

Reputation is a valuable business asset and yet few businesses and boards feel they are fully in touch with the issues affecting their reputation on a day-to-day basis.  Our corporate reputation monitoring, allows organisations to understand how reputation is being formed (daily, weekly, monthly or annually) on the key issues affecting their business.

Corporate Reputation Monitoring for Key Markets and Issues

Our reputation measurement and tracking services can be fully customised to track reputation in specific markets or on critical business issues.

Options for corporate reputation monitoring include:

  • See how financial results, CSR campaigns and announcements are affecting reputation. Compare this performance to that of your competitors and learn how to improve future announcements.
  • Evaluate how effective you have been in managing a crisis or issue and understand who and what is driving current perception.
  • Prepare to enter new markets or undertake M&As with detailed and specific insight into key markets, customer groups, conversations and influencers.
  • Make informed investment decisions using detailed analysis of an organisation’s reputational history. A tool that has been specially designed for financial analysts.
  • Assess current of emerging areas of risk, show the impact on an organisation’s reputation and the emotional.

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