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Policy Statement PR Agency One’s reputation is valuable and has been achieved through many years of excellent service and integrity in its business operations. To maintain our reputation, all marketing, CSR, advertising and sales activities must describe our offerings and services legally and fairly. Any practices that are false, misleading or deceptive are prohibited.

External communications on behalf of the PR Agency One are the responsibility of the Marketing department. Where necessary, this team will ensure adherence to the relevant PR Agency One visual identity guidelines and the requisite internal approvals.

All external communications, regardless of medium, must attempt to accurately and truthfully reflect and promote PR Agency One’s strategy, capabilities, achievements and success. This includes personal comment that is made in the context of being a PR Agency One employee. External communications may also be required to manage adverse media reports or crises. Target audiences for external communications include customers, prospects, analysts and influencers including sourcing advisors, targeted media, partners, major suppliers and employees.

PR Agency One employees should not speak to the media or make statements on behalf of PR Agency One unless authorised by the Public Relations office. All media statements made on behalf of PR Agency One are the sole responsibility of the Managing Director. All public statements made by PR Agency One employees must adhere to the guidelines set out in Guidelines for Speaking in Public.

As a communication’s agency that operates globally and is operating in a world of globalised media, we must be aware that communications that may seem country-specific could have an impact outside our region. In addition, approval must be sought for all external communications on such topics. The topics considered to have a global impact for PR

PR Agency One are:

  • Launch of or investment in technologies and services which are likely to attract global attention due to scale, government involvement or innovative technologies
  • Cloud
  • Our key partners
  • Statements regarding our measurement offering and key corporate values such as sustainability and the PR Agency One Way
  • References to PR Agency One
  • Major business wins or multinational business wins
  • Organisational changes/crises such as restructuring, top executive changes, strike action, natural disasters etc.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

The marketing function monitors for appropriate use of the PR Agency One name and logo on the web and elsewhere, and has the authority to veto inappropriate or damaging use. This includes, but is not limited to, blogs which are written to convey or discuss company matters, and social media groups which utilise the company name. It is PR Agency One’s stringent policy to be apolitical. As such, no employee should undertake any sort of political activity that utilises (or benefits from) the company and/or its name. This includes activity that could be construed as furthering the aims of a political party, even if not in direct or overt support.

Authority and Accountability

  • On behalf of PR Agency One, the HQ Marketing department has sole authority to:
  • Commission production of new printed material
  • Commission production of general purpose videos and presentations
  • Commission production and placement of advertisements
  • Manage PR Agency One web presence
  • Manage all formal corporate usage of social media on behalf of PR Agency One
  • Manage Analysts and Sourcing Advisors relations
  • Manage Media relations
  • Plan and execute executive events programmes
  • Plan and execute PR Agency One presence at conferences and exhibitions
  • Plan and execute awareness & demand generation campaigns
  • Build and maintain contact databases for marketing campaigns
  • Plan and execute sponsorships
  • Develop documented case studies and references
  • Appoint and manage external communications agencies
  • Manage the input and compliance to the PR Agency One visual identity guide

Specifically, within the PR Agency One Marketing team, the Managing Director has sole authority to:

• Issue media statements representing PR Agency One

• Provide guidance for PR Agency One employees speaking to the media

• Manage the relationships with nominated PR agencies


This policy applies to PR Agency One. This means all Employees, Contractors and businesses carried on by PR Agency One Limited and its subsidiaries



Policy Owner

This policy is owned by James Crawford, managing director, PR Agency One

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