Content Marketing

Content marketing and PR can deliver great results if considered together, and integrating the two is core to PR Agency One’s approach.

Approach to Content Marketing

There is more to content marketing than glossy leaflets and brochures.  The best use of content marketing is thought leadership, and helps tap into your prospect’s psyche while they are exploring business opportunities or researching solutions to a challenge.

PR Agency One creates content designed to speak to business leaders at this early stage in the buying cycle – before they draw up a short list of businesses.  This content doubles as material for sales and marketing professionals as well as digital marketing material.  If planned well whole PR campaigns can be created based around content marketing themes.

Social media in content marketing

Content marketing is where social media really comes into play.  PR Agency One blends social media such as blogging, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ into content marketing, helping businesses become publishers with the aim of raising profile, driving traffic and ultimately generating leads and sales.

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