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Developing and understanding your employer brand reputation as an employer is key to retaining and recruiting the best talent, helping businesses to thrive and reducing the cost of recruitment and lost expertise.

Creating a Reputation an an Employer of Choice

Often as part of our corporate profiling activity, we will develop campaigns that communicates our clients as a successful and innovative employer to attract talent. It’s important to target and highlight a number of areas:

– Sustainable success and growth: Companies need to use PR tactics to promote the successes of their employees, demonstrate the positive effects their organization has had on the local community, and highlight any awards or recognition they have received.

– Innovation and modern employment practices: Companies should focus PR efforts on showcasing their commitment to innovation by emphasizing high-tech working environments, continual development and learning opportunities, flexible work hours, and other modern employment practices.

– Culture and employee benefits: PR should also emphasise the company’s culture and attractive employee benefits such as childcare assistance, health programs, longevity bonuses, generous vacation time, etc.

  • Training and opportunity: Companies should use PR to promote the amount of employee training and development they offer, and highlight any special programs or initiatives they have implemented that provide employees with additional opportunities.
  • Personality of leaders: PR should also focus on the personalities behind the company’s success. Leaders should be highlighted for their industry expertise, innovative ideas and successful strategies, as well as their commitment to leading a collaborative and productive workforce.
  • Awards and ‘evidence’: PR campaigns should also emphasize any awards or recognition that the organization has received, such as industry honors, customer satisfaction scores, rankings on ‘best places to work’ lists, etc. This will provide tangible ‘evidence’ of the company’s commitment to providing a great working environment and producing quality products or services.
  • Through PR tactics, companies can create an Employer of Choice reputation that attracts talented employees and helps establish the organization as a leader in its industry. By targeting specific areas – such as sustainable success/growth, modern employment practices, culture and employee benefits

What are the brand and reputational benefits of building your employer brand?

  1. PR and employer brand go hand-in-hand. PR is focused on how your organisation is perceived by the public, while an employer brand is how you are perceived as a place to work.
  2. A strong PR strategy can help build an effective and positive employer brand, which in turn helps attract potential employees and retain current ones. Having a positive PR and employer brand helps to further strengthen your organisation’s reputation, which can lead to increased sales, investor confidence, and improved customer loyalty.
  3. A successful PR and employer brand strategy will help create an attractive work environment that values employees and makes them feel appreciated. It also increases job satisfaction amongst your staff, which can result in higher productivity and loyalty.
  4. PR and employer brand are both important for promoting your organisation’s values and culture to potential employees, as well as ensuring existing employees feel engaged and valued.
  5. Finally, PR and employer brand strategies help to share your message with the world, increasing awareness of your organization and its goals. This can help to attract new customers, investors, partners, and other stakeholders.

Targeting the right audience

We find our clients target a broad range of audiences.  Many are recruiting school leavers, undergraduates and graduates – a demographic which has a completely different outlook to the rest of the jobs market.

Then there are other clients which have a number of priority niche audiences, for example tech-aware, women and BME candidates – and many corporates are aiming to broaden the social demographic of their intake.

As well as targeting mainstream media channels we also put specific focus on media speaking directly priority audiences – targeting niche audiences is getting tougher so use an expert like PR Agency One. We’ll increase your reach and conversion.

Measuring Your Employer Brand

Our Employer Brand measurement and tracking tools allow organisations to see how they are perceived.  As well as tracking how they are viewed against the key attributes of ‘good’ employers, we are also able to show how perceptions differ between grades, gender, departments and from region to region.

Our digital reputation tracker also enables organisations to see what impact their reputation is having on potential new recruits.  Enabling organistations to influence how they are perceived in order to attract the right profile of candidates.

We can also show Employer Brand reputation in comparison or similar organisations, helping to ensure top talent doesn’t go elsewhere.

These insights enable employers to evolve their relationships and also tackle emerging problems before they become major issues.  Using our coaching and training services to positively change behaviour and corporate culture.

Organisations can also use our communications strategy, stakeholder engagement and media relations, to improve their employer brand, changing perceptions and creating a stronger pipeline of new talent to help their business to grow.

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