Employer brand

Understanding your employer brand reputation as an employer is key to retaining and recruiting the best talent, helping businesses to thrive and reducing the cost of recruitment and lost expertise.

Measuring Your Employer Brand

Our Employer Brand measurement and tracking tools allow organisations to see how they are perceived.  As well as tracking how they are viewed against the key attributes of ‘good’ employers, we are also able to show how perceptions differ between grades, gender, departments and from region to region.

Our digital reputation tracker also enables organisations to see what impact their reputation is having on potential new recruits.  Enabling organistations to influence how they are perceived in order to attract the right profile of candidates.

We can also show Employer Brand reputation in comparison or similar organisations, helping to ensure top talent doesn’t go elsewhere.

These insights enable employers to evolve their relationships and also tackle emerging problems before they become major issues.  Using our coaching and training services to positively change behaviour and corporate culture.

Organisations can also use our communications strategy, stakeholder engagement and media relations, to improve their employer brand, changing perceptions and creating a stronger pipeline of new talent to help their business to grow.

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