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PR Agency One is the perfect choice. We specialise in creating unique, engaging campaigns that get your brand noticed by the right people. Our team of experienced professionals can help you create an unforgettable experience with experiential and guerrilla PR tactics. From flash mobs to interactive installations, we have the skills and resources to make your campaign stand out from the competition.

Are you looking for a PR agency that specialises in experiential and guerrilla PR? Look no further than PR Agency One

With PR Agency One consumer PR team on your side, you don’t just get creative ideas – you also get results. We understand how important it is for businesses to stay ahead of their competitors when it comes to marketing strategies, so we strive to deliver innovative solutions that will give your business an edge over others in the industry.

Why should brands do experiential and guerrilla PR and advertising

Brands should consider experiential and guerrilla PR and advertising as a powerful marketing tool for connecting with consumers and driving interest in their products or services. Through these methods, businesses can create an immersive experience that will leave customers feeling excited about the brand and more likely to purchase from them.

Experiential marketing aims to create positive emotional connections between a brand and its customers, while guerrilla PR can help to generate buzz around the company’s offerings in an unexpected way.

This approach can be more cost effective than traditional methods such as television or radio ads, as they don’t require a large budget. They also enable brands to target specific demographics or locations

Using this methodology brands can authentically engage a wide variety of audiences. They can be used to target specific age groups, genders, interests, and locations. For example, targeting younger audiences may involve experiential activities such as pop-up shops or interactive street installations. Meanwhile, guerrilla PR approaches could include guerrilla stunts or social media campaigns that help to spread the word about a brand and its offerings.

At PR Agency One, we are experts in experiential and guerrilla PR and advertising. We can provide creative solutions tailored to your needs, helping you to build relationships with customers through exciting experiences. Contact us today for more details on how we can

Contact us today for more information about our experiential and guerrilla PR services.

Looking for experiential and guerrilla PR ideas? Here’s a starter for ten

Here are some examples of experiential and guerrilla PR and advertising tactics that PR Agency One uses.

Event PR and Experiential Activations

Event and experiential activation in public spaces are a great way for brands to get their name and message out to the public. Experiential PR is a cost-effective way for them to connect with potential customers, build awareness of their products or services, and create lasting relationships with their target market. Using live activities or events as part of Guerrilla PR allows brands to be creative and think outside the box, using unique strategies to reach audiences in unexpected places.

This type of PR can help generate positive publicity and capture the attention of people who may not otherwise be exposed to your brand. Additionally, by creating memorable experiences for people, brands are able to create a deeper connection with their target audience – one that’s based on emotion and connection rather than simply product features or benefits.

Street Teams and Street PR – Involvement with local communities and events to create buzz

With street teams and PR in local communities, brands can create an immersive connection with their target market right where they live. ‘Street PR’ opens up new possibilities for engaging the public, creating buzz in public spaces, and making sure that your message stands out from the competition. Set yourself apart from other businesses by taking your PR strategy to the streets!

PR Agency One offers comprehensive street PR services, including experiential and guerrilla PR tactics, to get your message in front of the right people. We will work with you to create a strategy that meets your PR needs and objectives. Whether it’s grass-roots events, flash-mobs, or interactive installations, PR Agency One can help you reach your target market and create an unforgettable experience.

Guerrilla advertising

Commonly used tactics include taking advertising into public or unconventional spaces like walls, pavements, rooftops, billboard, light projections, floor stickers and OOH media takeovers, which often creates a huge shock value. There are many examples of street art and graffiti becoming increasingly popular in PR and marketing campaigns, as it offers a unique way to promote brands, products, and services. From large-scale mural projects to interactive pieces that engage the public, these creative works of ‘art’ are capable of attracting attention and conveying messages quickly and effectively.

Brand ambassadors, celebrities and influencers

Using influencers and celebrities in a experiential or guerrilla PR campaign can be an effective way to reach a large and diverse audience. Let’s face it, everyone would love to see their favourite celebrity or influencer surprise them in a public space or be seen to be doing something ‘authentic’ or unusual. By having an influencer or celebrity advocate for your brand, you can tap into their existing fan base who may not have been previously exposed to your product or service. This can be especially useful for experiential PR campaigns, as it allows for greater engagement with the target audience.

At PR Agency One, we specialise in creating experiential and guerrilla PR campaigns that use influencers and celebrities to reach their target audience. We have extensive experience in connecting brands with key endorsers who will resonate with the desired demographic. Our knowledge and networks allow us to create PR campaigns that are both creative and impactful, helping brands to reach their PR goals.

We have more information on our influencer proposition here.

Pop-Up Stores/experiences

Pop up stores and experiences have become a go-to method for experiential and guerrilla PR campaigns due to their potential for maximum impact in a short period of time. Pop up stores provide companies the perfect opportunity to create an immersive experience for their customers and target audience, allowing them to connect with the brand in a unique way.

PR Agency One has extensive experience in designing and executing PR campaigns with pop up stores that effectively engage customers as well as drive brand awareness.

We take the time to understand our clients’ target audience, objectives, and message before creating a tailored PR campaign that will maximise engagement and visibility. PR Agency One excels in guerrilla PR tactics such as creating buzz-worthy experiences that drive customers to the pop up store. With PR Agency One, your PR campaigns will be sure to capture the attention of your target audience and leave a lasting impression.

Sampling Events & Programs

Product sampling is an effective experiential PR strategy that allows companies to reach a large audience quickly and directly. It has the potential to generate positive PR buzz through direct, cost-effective marketing. Product sampling can be used as guerrilla PR by cleverly positioning products in unexpected places or events and targeting a specific demographic. PR Agency One understands how to best leverage product sampling to create PR campaigns that have maximum impact and reach. We can help companies create strategic guerrilla PR initiatives using product sampling. Our team is ready to provide creative solutions for successful PR outcomes.


PR Agency One can provide innovative PR solutions to leverage timely news events or “news jacking”, as it is often referred to. Experiential and guerrilla PR employ the use of these tactics to quickly gain visibility using activations in real life, showing that PR campaigns should not be limited to traditional media relations methods. PR Agency One understands how media jacking works and knows exactly which strategies are most beneficial in the PR industry. We can help optimise PR and media campaigns to maximise success. In short, PR Agency One is an expert in experiential and guerrilla PR that understands how to capitalise on breaking news stories or trends.

For more information on this technique, please see our post on newsjacking.

Word of Mouth Marketing

This technique has been at the forefront of PR for decades but by taking it into the experiential and guerrilla sphere, word of mouth marketing can feel more authentic and two way. It is an effective way to spread awareness about a brand or product as people are more likely to trust information from peers than from advertisers. This allows brands to create real life narratives with brands which feel more authentic.  This might include, using incentives or rewards for sharing communications (e-mail, blog post) via their networks.

PR Stunts

Utilising unexpected strategic stunts to generate media attention and coverage. These stunts could be anything (but please don’t float something down the Thames, it is cliché) These might include large brand activations, events or even flash mobs– Spontaneous gatherings of people at an appointed place coordinated through social networking sites. We gave more information PR stunts here.

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