Software PR

Software PR

Perhaps your software saves your clients money; expensive licensing, legacy management and upgrade costs.

Maybe it delivers competitive advantage; better functionality and processes, stronger, faster, more actionable insights.

Perhaps it’s all about efficiency: a modern, more flexible ways of doing business, better connectivity, better information sharing.

It might do it all.

However your software benefits your clients and whatever your clients sectors your success relies on those benefits reaching the right people in ways that make them want to know more about you and your products.

And that’s exactly what we do.

Specialist Software PR for Specialist Software Developers

From specialist digital retail like platforms such as Shopware who, “paint online shopping with brighter colours, ignite more personality and nurture greater diversity.”

To pricing automation systems from the likes of Omnia Retail who help, ‘retailers regain control, save time and drive profitable growth by automating optimal pricing and maximizing returns from online marketing channels.’

To school management software from HCSS Education, “That helps reduce costs, meet regulatory and statutory reporting requirements.”

We’ve all the experience and specialist PR expertise you need.

A team of 22 tech nuts ready to take your PR global and your business to the next level.

We’ve already helped launch some of the UK’s most innovative and best known software development teams – we can help you too.

More Than Just Software PR

Not only do we take the best in traditional PR, a hardworking press office, inspired campaign creation and rock solid media relations, we add a unique blend of digital skills.

Modern PR essentials such as content marketing, SEO, social media, website design, development and deep analytics. It’s an SEO/PR/Content philosophy that many will promise, few attempt to genuinely deliver and only us deliver with the kind of measurement and attribution that helps shape your ongoing campaign success.

Software PR – Measured Campaign Performance

OneEval our an award winning in-house evaluation system has been designed to clearly show the attributable impact of PR on the bottom line.

Measurement that includes:

  • Full attribution of PR outcomes to revenue, e.g. revenue generated on days of high coverage
  • Volumes of positive press and blog coverage
  • Key message delivery in editorial
  • Increases in non branded search traffic and revenue from this channel based which is attributable to links earned in PR

Ongoing real time campaign insights that allow us to shape each and every campaign for maximum returns. So wherever you are in your startup/funded/Series A/Series B/IPO journey and whatever your strategic objectives we can help you reach your next milestone faster and more cost effectively.

Award Winning PR for Software Development Companies

Why trust a generalist when you can use specialist award winning PR for Software Development Companies.

Only PRAO combines proven specialist knowhow, integrated traditional/digital expertise AND the unrivalled analysis of OneEval.

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