OneEval – Brand Measurement

OneEval Brand Measurement

PR is a major driver of brand awareness so it makes sense that we had to devise a solution to measure it and how PR has helped increase awareness.  Welcome to OneEval – Brand, a measurement product that goes far beyond the criteria demanded by AMEC.

However you apply PR, to deliver commercial benefits, reputational benefits or both, it’s important that all PR outcomes are measurable both at the outset and throughout the campaign. It’s also essential that changes in people’s perception of your brand are measurable too. 

Not just for brand’s sake but from a commercial point of view as well. The more respected and admired your brand is the more likely it is you’ll meet your commercial objectives.

Measuring Your Brand Awareness, Association, Understanding and Trust

Based on an extended version of the AMEC Measurement Framework, OneEval – Brand is our award-winning brand tool that measures and tracks brand awareness, brand association, understanding and trust. 

Insight such as:

  • How visible are you to your key audiences? 
  • What are you famous for and are they things you want to be famous for? 
  • What’s the emotional response of consumers to your brand? 
  • What attributes do you project? 
  • Are you seen as innovative, a leader in your field? 
  • What language are people using around your brand?

Insight that you can use to expertly steer and shape your brand perceptions.

Brand Insight To Help You Set Your PR Priorities 

More than simply revealing the perception of your business OneEval – Brand tracks the impacts of your PR and identifies the levers and mechanisms that have the most positive effects on your brand and to set key priorities for building a reputation in the areas that will have the most impact for the brand.

Talk to us about how OneEval – Brand can help you measure, research, report and evaluate the impacts of PR on your brand. And more importantly how we can use that essential information to help you grow your business.

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