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Dealing effectively with reputation crisis and critical issues can have a lasting impact on an organisation’s future success and market value. We provide a complete package of crisis and issues management, helping organisations successfully prepare and respond to reputation risk.

Early Warning on Reputation Risks

Our reputation risk tracking can help identify and prioritise potential problems, as well as provide an early warning on emerging threats.  We proactively track association and emotion against the most common causes of reputation risk, as well as specific issues for each client and sector.

We also help track internal risk, such as the attitudes of employees, evidence of potentially damaging behaviour and whether business culture may lead to ‘conduct risk’ issues.

We make sure clients are fit and ready to respond to crises and issues, providing a five-step plan to put in place the procedures and systems in order to respond quickly and decisively when problems occur.

Following any incidents we also provide detailed reports on the impact on reputation and how best to repair any damage.  We can then work to communicate with media and key stakeholders rebuild reputation damage, trust and company value.

Ultimately, reputation risk tracking and preparation gives you the ability to measure, monitor and thereby manage risks proactively and effectively.

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