Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

On or offline customer satisfaction surveys can be a one-off or employed as a rolling survey to capture information on an ongoing basis. 

Whether formulaic, for example, a bank asking straightforward purchasing decision questions, to more nuanced competitor sentiment style projects that demand the full expertise of our reputation team to design and interpret the data, customer satisfaction surveys are key components in many of our campaigns.

The Many Benefits of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

There’s certainly no shortage of useful insight to be gained from customer satisfaction surveys. From identifying how, where, when and why your products are used to the demographics of those using them (and not using them!) to satisfaction ratings. To quote serial entrepreneur Derek Sivers, “Customer service is the new marketing.”

If you want to continually delight your customers, to design, develop and deliver products that fulfil a genuine need them you genuinely need to know what they think. No guessing, no assumption, no gut feelings – just fact. Truths we discover through carefully crafted customer surveys.

Product Healthcheck

Your customers’ relationships with your products or services. What is it? Where do they interact? How? How could your product be better? What could be added? What could you lose? What do they like most about it? How satisfied or dissatisfied are your customers with your products? 

Demographics and Psychographics

As important as knowing who your users are, and where they are, their age, their status, their wealth, their demographics, you’ll want to understand what makes them tick – their psychographics. As Seth Godin says, “The more clearly you understand the desires, frustrations and personalities of the people you seek to change, the more effective your marketing will be. Consider the worldviews of the groups of people you hope to reach. Start with empathy.”

Satisfaction scale e.g. net promoter score

A number based or semiotics based survey can quickly elicit information that wouldn’t otherwise be addressed by your clients. These types of survey are a great way to laser-guide your information gathering, to hone in on aspects of your business you want to focus on. Satisfaction scale surveys such as net promoter score allow you to set the survey agenda on your terms.

Open-Ended Qualitative Feedback

Open-text surveys offer a rich source of discovery. Answered in your customers’ own language open-text surveys pose an open question such as, ‘How can we improve your customer experience?’ and allow you to explore a broader range of input. Careful semantic analysis will often reveal a range of business, process, performance and product themes that you can use to shape future product development and marketing. Themes you may not even have known existed.

The Absolute Importance of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Often, what we think is essential, is life-changing, is irrelevant, is annoying, is easy, is useful, is enough to make you walk away in disgust or enough to make you commit to for life – isn’t. Well, certainly not for our customers. 

  • When we thought it was GDPR that mattered, it wasn’t – it was security.
  • When we thought it was the price that mattered, it wasn’t – it was reliability.
  • When we thought it was new that mattered – actually, it wasn’t – it was familiarity.

And the only way you’ll ever really know that? Is by asking.

Find out how we use customer satisfaction surveys to deliver deep insights, important insights and to inspire PR campaigns to grow business.

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