Reputation Risk

Reputation risk is a fast-growing concern for business and brands, especially in our increasingly digital, networked world.  By having the right tools and procedures in place, organisations can better understand, report and respond when their reputation is under threat. Our risk management team are experts in this field.

Six Key Areas of Reputation and Risk

95% of major corporations have suffered at least one serious reputation-damaging event in the last 20 years.  Research indicates that it takes an average of four years for the value lost during such an incident to be fully recovered.

Our Reputation Risk measurement and tracking tools help organisations understand their exposure to reputation risk across the six key areas – Financial Performance, ESG (environmental, social and governance), Management and Leadership, Regulatory, Operational and Communications.

Once a reputation risk framework is in place we can then track reputation across these key areas, looking at changes in performance and for emerging reputation risks.

We also support organisations in creating an internal strategy to mitigate reputation risk, working with all departments to assess current and potential issues and then developing the appropriate systems and strategies to minimise or respond to risks to reputation.

Our communications strategy, stakeholder engagement and media relations services can then assist with managing reputation crises as they occur and make swift recovery after an incident.

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