Media Training

Our bespoke media training uses journalists, along with communications professionals to help you to prepare to face the print and broadcast media.

Whether you plan to launch your new product to the press or face questions about a product recall, we can help to ensure you have the right content and can deliver it in a controlled way to ensure you sound credible and trustworthy.

Our bespoke media training takes place in Manchester and in London. We can also tailor training sessions at clients’ offices and at media hubs throughout the UK.

Media training is essential for the c-suite or inhouse teams

As well as coaching C-suite executives to present to the media, their employees and investors, we also train in-house communications teams to better understand the media and to identify opportunities to engage with influential journalists.

Even when you are selling-in a positive story to a receptive journalist, you want to ensure that you are giving them the best version of the story, delivered with absolute conviction.

Our media training programmes explain how the media works, from BBC Breakfast News to the online trade press, and empowers your spokespeople to cope with its demands.

Training for broadcast and press interviews

We’ll help you to prepare the right answers to the tough questions, and coach you on delivering them in a way that persuades and reassures your customers, investors and employees.

Even though the broadcast media enables the audience to hear what you’ve said first hand, it takes a confident and well-rehearsed spokesperson to land the messages your audience needs to hear in a clear and concise way.

The press – both online and print – often have more time for editing, analysis and counter quotes.

It takes careful planning and management to craft the right messages and to deliver them to the trade, regional and national media quickly enough to meet their demands for immediate stories.

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