Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing can be a real challenge for some organisations. No SME is the same. Some businesses are start ups while others are well established businesses with up to 250 people and multimillion pound turnovers.

In the early stages marketing is often driven by the senior management, while when an organisation moves from being a small to medium sized organisation, then establishing a cohesive marketing departments and strategic planning can be a challenge too

Other small business marketing challenges can be:

– A lack of internal resource (no marketing director, marketing department or marketing executives perhaps?)
– Little or no internal strategic marketing thinking
– Struggling to be heard in a crowded marketplace
– The challenge of competing against bigger organisations with much bigger budgets
– How to move from being a medium sized / regional player into a national business with a UK wide reputation
– How to turn up the volume on marketing activity and use an agency to help develop and deliver a strategy

Small business marketing for ambitious fast growing businesses

The good news is that small business marketing can be very effective. It is much easier to integrate marketing, public relations, advertising and digital in a small business – a concept that most big organisations are still struggling to do.

What is more, decision making is often much simpler in small businesses so undertaking ambitious campaigns can be much easier when there is less red tape and more entrepreneurial verve.

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