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We live in an age where reputations are hard won and easily damaged. Corporate PR matters.

The stakes are high with corporate public relations and there is no margin for error.

Using an agency to deliver a PR and Corporate Communications campaign, or to advise on strategy will deliver huge returns for businesses which face new challenges or opportunities in their market.

PR Agency One has a dedicated, sector-specific team of PR professionals who can provide strategic counsel and deliver campaigns too.

Our teams are a classical PR specialists and digitally savvy analytics experts who can demonstrate value from a reputational, brand or commercial perspective (e.g. Google Analytics).

Why employ a corporate PR specialist?

PR Agency One offers multiple benefits to its clients so that your company can gain access to a wide variety of skills and experience, delivered by time-served PR professionals with a broad range of skills that smaller inhouse teams can’t always offer.

Deploying a PR and corporate communications consultancy like PR Agency One means that new ways of approaching a problem or a challenge can be realised and exposes the client to new trends and approaches. An external team can work alongside to supplement an internal team an often the very best award-winning work is a mixture of both internal and external activity.

An external agency provides credibility and acts as a barrier between your organisation and the media, which can be useful to ensure reputations are managed.  Some journalists feel they can provide more honest feedback to an agency and some in house corporate communication teams like to have a buffer between then when handling difficult or challenging issues or crises.

Sometimes, a corporate PR team just needs more man power. Perhaps there is a big announcement, or a team is under resourced. PR Agency One will roll up its sleeves because many hands make light work.

We find more now than ever that in house teams need support and guidance on digital subjects around measurement. We work with some of the world’s biggest companies to help set up PR analytics and reporting processes.

PR & Corporate Communications by PR Agency One – What to Expect

PR Agency One represents your organisation to forecast, manage, deliver and measure your corporate communications activity. We’ll work in tandem with your management team and other agency partners to act as a both consultant and deliverer of PR activity, liaising with industry journalists, bloggers and other stakeholders.

We operate on a retainer basis and project basis. Our service is bespoke and scalable to your specific need, regardless of whether you need a short burst of corporate PR activity or a long term, internationally focused campaign.

Hours and therefore fees are agreed in advance and based on your corporate communications brief and the need of the organisation.

This is a bespoke service, with hours and scope of work agreed based on the business’s specific need. A lead director oversees the account and attends monthly meetings. Activity is planned monthly by an account director and account manager who reports on work in progress and measure all outcomes.

PR Agency One’s typical corporate communications services are:

  • Planning and creation of a corporate communications plan with SMART KPIs to track impact under the AMEC framework.
  • Creation of corporate PR campaign workstreams in line with organisation and communication objectives
  • Strategic counsel on reputational issues
  • Provide media relations support based around pre-agreed hours agreements. This includes:
  • Pitching editorial concepts and interviews to media and all media liaison
  • Responding to inbound media requests
  • Real-time monitoring of press opportunities, as they occur, 24/7
  • Managing and maintaining all contact information for journalists, using industry leading databases and supplementary information from existing relationships
  • Overseeing and supporting employees during any media engagements, or interviews
  • Creating media briefings sheets for staff
  • Proactively and reactively identifying forward features and regular columns for placement
  • Creation and distribution of all press releases
  • Development and management of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity.
  • Internal communications guidance where needed.
  • To maximise all opportunities outside of traditional media, e.g. speaker opportunities, trade shows or online marketing
  • Creation of all other content, e.g. thought leadership or video production.
  • Support on social media community management and any paid strategies (as necessary)
  • Media monitoring and competitor analysis
  • Monthly press cuttings and quarterly measurement reports, such as OneEVAL.

Corporate Communications PR measurement – the PR Agency One corporate PR way

Our approach is results driven and underpinned by a belief in ongoing and continual improvement.  We set KPIs and work towards delivering for our clients. We are agile and understand that these needs might change overtime, but at the heart of what we do is a belief in outcomes. Be they reputational, brand or commercial.

PR Agency One has an award-winning approach to measurement and has built a series of products and services to measure PR.  Our reports, called OneEval provide clients with complete clarity on outcomes and are written so they’re understandable for both the c-suite and PR professionals.  We have a whole section on our site that outlines our award-winning approach to PR measurement and you can read about it here.

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