Welcome to One University: Investing in Our People

At PR Agency One, we take training seriously. We believe that investing in our people is the key to success, both for our business and our employees’ personal growth. That’s why we’re proud to introduce One University, our bespoke training programme designed to help our staff progress their careers.

What is One University?

One University is a comprehensive training programme that delivers tailored training to each employee from world-class training providers such as RADA, CIPR, PRCA, Socially Mobile, and AMEC. In addition to the programme, on-the-job training opportunities are plentiful, ensuring that our staff is always developing their skills and knowledge.

When it comes to training, there are two main types of opportunities available: micro and macro. Micro training opportunities are those that occur on the job, often provided by peers or managers. These might include training on specific skills like writing press releases, developing long-form content, or improving presentation skills. On the other hand, macro training opportunities are structured and led by expert trainers, typically from organizations like the CIPR or PRCA. These courses cover a broader range of topics and are designed to provide employees with a more comprehensive education in a particular area.

It’s essential to focus on micro training opportunities as well as macro training because the former is often overlooked. Sometimes managers fail to provide their team members with opportunities to work on all elements of the agency workflow, and employees may not recognise the value of learning from their peers. By tracking and scoring progress in these areas, we can ensure that all employees receive comprehensive training and are given the opportunity to develop a broad range of skills. This is where One University comes in. Our training program includes both micro and macro training opportunities to ensure that all employees have access to the education they need to succeed in their roles.

How does One University work?

Our programme is designed to support our employees’ growth, and it’s monitored closely to show clear progress and areas to develop. Line managers deliver some of the training, but internal mentors can also be appointed outside of the account management group to teach people key skills. The progress made through One University is checked regularly, including informal catch-ups, six-month reviews, and annual reviews.

Why One University?

Our commitment to training has launched the careers of hundreds of PR professionals, and we’re excited to help the next generation of PR stars. We believe that our investment in our staff is a key factor in our success as a business, and we’re proud to offer a comprehensive training programme that supports our staff’s career development.

At PR Agency One, we believe that investing in our people is the key to our success. One University is our commitment to supporting the growth and development of our staff, and we’re excited to see the impact that it will have on our business and our employees’ careers. We’re proud to be an employer of choice and to invest in our people, and we’re looking forward to welcoming the next generation of PR professionals to our team.

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