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The industrial and manufacturing sector is a key driver of the world’s economy, accounting for 10 per cent of GDP and half of exports in the UK alone, more than any other sector. Our engineering PR team is here to keep industry at the forefront and drive it forward.

PR Agency One specialises in Engineering PR, with a deep understanding of the rapidly changing global engineering market. From automotive to mechanical engineering and beyond, our experts help build an effective communication strategy tailored to your unique needs. We have strong experience working with OEMs, providing clients with valuable insights into their markets and technologies and we can unpack the most complex and technical themes at an specialist or c-suite level.

We have experience in engineering PR for all types of organisations. Our expertise includes automotive, aerospace, industrial, electrical, mechanical and chemical engineering. We have the competency to “get into the weeds” on technical subjects, such as manufacturing processes and technology, quality control and assurance in manufacturing and logistics management for manufacturing. We’ve got the talent and the people to help communicate your value proposition to your vertical sectors, industry peers and other stakeholders.

PR for manufacturing and engineering companies which is driven by data

At PR Agency One, we believe Engineering PR should be driven by data insights and the latest trends in engineering. We work with our clients to create comprehensive strategies that encompass engineering, manufacturing processes & technology, quality control & assurance, logistics management and supply chain management. We have developed our own tools and approaches, called OneEval, to ensure that businesses are well informed and on top of all the key issues, at a planning, audience and evaluation level.

We leverage our expertise in engineering to create compelling stories that accurately communicate the messages of our clients to their target audience. Our team is dedicated to helping engineering-focused companies succeed and reach their full potential.

Storytelling for engineering and OEM businesses

Engineering businesses need to tell stories about their innovations. These businesses don’t always do a good job telling these stories and that makes it hard for others to understand how groundbreaking the engineering output is. The engineering PR experts at PR Agency One have the knowledge and skills to craft powerful engineering-focused stories that accurately convey a company’s work, worth, and value.

We will help you develop a comprehensive engineering PR strategy that works for your business and ensures that you are communicating effectively with all of your key stakeholders. With our expert PR services, you can be sure that your work is getting the recognition it deserves.

Using PR for lead generation

PR Agency One can help engineering businesses to tell stories about their work, but the realy value is when their are outcomes like lead generation. We use special knowledge and skills to make sure the stories are powerful, so people understand the value proposition along with all the features and benefits.

We also help engineering businesses create a plan that will let them reach more people and get more new customers. This plan uses PR to find new leads or potential customers who may be interested in what they have to offer.

Thought leadership reports are used to help engineering businesses get more new customers. Reports tell stories about engineering issues so people can have greater understanding. They help engineering businesses find leads or customers who may be interested in what they have to offer

You can gate a thought leadership report for data capture. This means that you might ask people to give you some information like their name and email address before they can see the report. That way, you will have their contact information so that you can reach out to them if they are interested in what your Engineering PR company has to offer.

A PR person can also take stories from a thought leadership report and give them to journalists, who might write about it in their newspaper or magazine. This way, people will know about the company’s experts, their thinking and what they have to offer.

LinkedIn can be used as a paid platform to promote a thought leadership report. This means promoting the report on LinkedIn so that more people will know about it. You can pay to have your report shown to more people, which could help you get more leads or customers interested in what your company has to offer.

At PR Agency One, we understand engineering and manufacturing and have the knowledge to create thought leadership reports that accurately communicate the engineering work and value proposition. With our Engineering PR services, you can be sure that your Engineering work is getting the recognition it deserves.

Contact us today to learn more about how Engineering PR can help you.

Using PR to drive traffic to your engineering business

Earning links to your website from media coverage can help people find your website easier. This makes it easier for people to learn more about what you do, and they are more likely to visit your site. With PR Agency One’s Engineering PR services, we will help engineering businesses reach more people and generate leads from press coverage.

At PR Agency One, we believe engineering PR should be driven by data-driven insights and the latest trends in Engineering. We can provide you with an effective Engineering communication strategy that is tailored to your specific needs

Contact us today to learn more about how PR Agency One can help you create a successful Engineering PR strategy. We look forward to hearing from you!

Whether clients need support to build brand awareness or generate leads through media relations and thought leadership, PR Agency One’s consultants are experts in positioning businesses for rapid growth.

Our clients benefit from the support of an award-winning engineering PR agency that has a proven track for getting right to the heart of your commercial strategy.

Technical PR experts

We take complex technical concepts and industry issues and create compelling stories that have as much impact for the national press and broadcasters, as they do for the trade media.

We go above and beyond the brief to deliver results for some of the UK’s leading engineering, construction and technical brands, ranging from FTSE-listed companies to privately-owned businesses.

Our engineering PR experience spans automation, robotics, electrical, engineering and manufacturing, energy and utilities, and manufacturing including the food and drink sector.

Our proprietary evaluation system, OneEval, enables us to demonstrate the impact of our activity on reputation, lead generation and search engine visibility.

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