Industry 4.0 PR

Industry 4.0 PR – for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

From manufacturing technology automation, engineering tech and data exchange to the Internet of Things, cloud computing, AI and analytics, Industry 4.0 is revolutionising the ways manufacturers integrate their supply chains and drive efficiencies in their own organisations. As an Industry 4.0 PR specialist we are at the forefront of sharing the many business benefits.

As an Industry 4.0 specialist it’s essential for you to claim a place in the hearts and minds of businesses seeking to embrace the many benefits of Industry 4.0 transformation.

Industry 4.0 PR – The Right Campaigns at The Right Time

Whether you’ve created a disruptive new technology, technology that adds value to an existing service, or you aggregate existing tech to create something unique, it’s essential that your message is widely and clearly understood.

It’s also essential that your brand profile and PR campaigns 100% align with wherever you are in your business lifecycle. Whether you’re a startup, seeking Series A or B funding, approaching an IPO or looking to consolidate a mature market positioning these different stages all require different approaches to PR.

Digital maturity and strategy horizon by industry - manufacturing

Smart Industry 4.0 PR for Smart Industry 4.0 Tech

As industry tech evolves so does industry PR. Well… the smart PR agencies do.

Now, instead of discreet PR and digital services; a traditional press office establishing media relations running alongside SEO, content marketing and digital services, we combine the two. They’re interwoven.

Press office, Thought Leadership, Content Marketing, Industry Research and Event Management all strategically integrated with SEO, link building, goal setting and CRO.

It’s a unique and highly effective campaign platform. Especially as it’s all supported by our award winning in-house evaluation system, OneEval.

Measurement that includes:

  • Tracking to monitor the performance of online and offline PR
  • Volumes of positive press and blog coverage
  • Key message delivery in editorial
  • Share of voice compared to competitors
  • Improvements in the number and position of key search terms
  • Branded search traffic to clients’ domain (a KPI of brand awareness)

Real-time measurement of essential KPIs that lets us fine tune campaigns for optimal performance.

Specialist Industry 4.0 PR Support

Looking for specialist Industry 4.0 PR?

With a team of 22 tech specialists we’ve already helped launch some of the UK’s most innovative and best known tech brands.

We can help you too.

Talk to us today.

Discover the many ways we can use Industry 4.0 PR to grow your business.

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