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Our PR Measurement and Evaluation products

Businesses use PR because they want to change something. And whether you’re seeking commercial benefits, a reputational improvement or a combination of the two we can help thanks to our OneEval suite of PR measurement products, benchmarking, measuring and fine-tuning campaign performance to maximise effectiveness based on what our analysis teaches us.

The Commercial and Reputational Benefits of PR

Clients have their own good reasons for wanting to use PR. Their own objectives. A startup perhaps, singularly focused on selling, on the commercials, on ROI. In which case they can focus more on the reputational side of things further down the line when they’ve had time to establish a profile. 

Or maybe a prospective client has a new management team, or post-acquisition and it’s important to benchmark the brand at the outset so they can quickly show uplifts in brand visibility. Or they might have a reputation issue and be keen to get the full picture straight away. 

They may want to achieve both commercial and reputational gains in one.

Whatever the situation, we design the evaluation to suit priorities and where clients are as a business.

Welcome to the OneEval Suite of Measurement Products

At PR Agency One we’ve developed a suite of OneEval measurement, research, reporting and evaluation products to give you the full picture:

AMEC aligned in-house KPI, brand, reputation and conversion measurement tools. PRCA Approved Measurement Champion accredited, based on an extended version of the AMEC Barcelona Principles and designed to benchmark against competitors to show the correlation between PR results and commercial performance. 

Complete campaign insight to guide your campaigns that can be applied across Basic, Standard and Advanced levels. Our measurement is powered by Sensu Insight.

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