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We deliver B2B and corporate reputation services, helping organisations understand and respond to the reputation they hold in their key markets. We also support corporates in helping to build corporate value, grow sales, attract investment and minimise risk.

Our B2B team is a specialist in technologyretail and health, but also work across many other vertical sectors from charity and education through to legal and financial services. As PR practitioners we spend the majority of our time managing communications for our clients. Often this is focused solely on building, defending or managing reputation.


When building a reputation within a vertical it is imperative to know the niche into which you are selling, the relevancy of your story to stakeholders and the interconnectivity of other organisations within the mix.  Building a reputation takes time and a lot of effort but expert consultancy support form PR Agency One can help you take the fast track.

Defensive reputation strategies are often important, be they top protect a business form new competition, criticism or the wider macro-political or regulatory system.

All these elements are underpinned by good measurement on which to make sound strategic organisational and  communication decisions.


Our measurement and tracking tools make reputation visible, highlighting strengths and weaknesses and how perceptions differ between different markets.

We can also track how customer experience and priorities affect reputation – highlighting what sets your company apart – like a great CSR campaign –  and the potential issues that put reputation at risk.

These can be tracked over time (including retrospectively) to analyse reputation trends and the impact of events or issues.

Reputation can be benchmarked against competitors to show your position in the market, identifying opportunities and risks.

These insights are then used to help shape and evaluate PR, marketing and digital campaigns designed to enhance reputation; giving B2B companies a competitive edge by focusing directly on improving their standing with key customers.


Once we have assessed and measured your corporate reputation, our team of consultants can proactively step in to manage the situation.  Our team of media relations specialistsPR consultantsonline reputation experts and corporate PR practitioners can ensure that the ball is never dropped.  We can work in many ways, for example alongside an existing press office team, or as a complete outsourced resource.  The end goal often sees us driving earned, paid shared and owned media as part of an integrated strategy. From press coverage through to online impressions and conversions, we have it all covered.


Our services divide into three areas:

Reputation Measurement and Tracking – showing where strengths and weaknesses lie and how reputation is being affected by campaigns and issues.

Coaching and training – working with organisations and business leaders to help them achieve their potential by maximising reputation.

Communications strategy, stakeholder engagement and media relations – using our insights into stakeholder reputation to maximise effectiveness and impact of our work to enhance how organisations and brands are perceived.

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