Beauty and Lifestyle PR

PR Agency One is a leading agency for the dynamic beauty, fashion and lifestyle sector. There is no better agency for beauty and Lifestyle PR.

We look after talent management, influencer marketing, social media, product and collection launches, stunts, media relations and reputation management.

Customers have access to more information about brands than ever before, and they demand more for less. The sector moves quickly with new innovations, products, technology and treatments.

Our PR consultants help our clients to develop strategic and creative campaigns that enable them to thrive in a multi-channel environment.

An award-winning beauty and lifestyle PR agency

Our team works hard to secure press coverage, which not only builds a brand’s reputation but influences SEO and ultimately, sales.  We hare retail and e-commerce specialists and can support omnichannel campaigning with creativity and world-class measurement.

Many years of traditional PR experience sit alongside our digital expertise, which means we can offer the very best of integrated PR campaigns to drive online and offline sales and brand awareness.

Our team has worked with some of the biggest names in retail, including Nicky Clarke Electrical Products, The North Face, One4all, Asda, Hasbro and The Mall Blackburn Shopping Centre.  Our consultants live and breathe beauty and lifestyle PR.

If you want coverage in the Daily Mail, Glamour, and a very long tail of national consumer magazines, blogs and newspapers then PR Agency One is the team for you.

Unrivalled digital prowess and world-class measurement

Our campaigns use the latest digital PR, SEO PR, social media, paid strategies and analytics to ensure the brand, reputation and commercial metrics are hit.  We have a team of B2c and B2B professionals that handle outreach to journalists and bloggers. What is unique is their vast digital training, as even the PR team are well trained in advanced analytics and even the most junior member of the team can recognise a good link from a bad, or identify nofollow mark up. For example, if you want to set up a custom segment to measure revenue for a product SKU and attribute it to PR then pretty much anyone in the business can help. It is this attention to detail which affords our teams the ability to drive huge commercial outcomes for our clients.

For more information please contact our managing director on James Crawford on 0161 871 9140.

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