30 of the Worst Media Interviews of All Time

We’ve decided to update our ‘worst media interviews of all time’ post.  Please do suggest new additions as we plan to constantly update this thread.

As a public relations agency, we often organise media training to help clients prepare for interviews both on and off camera. These videos illustrate classic examples of what can go wrong and show why the right preparation counts. Use this as a guide on what not to do, but also as a reference for things to be mindful of when preparing for heightened press attention.

Have a more cringeworthy video to share? Let us know in the comments here, or get in contact if you want to discuss reputation management and targeted media training sessions.


Keeping prices low for consumers? Sainsbury’s boss caught singing ‘We’re In The Money’ before interview on multi-billion pound merger with ASDA.

Abbott’s car crash interview on LBC

Professor Robert Kelly was talking about South Korea live on BBC News when he was hilariously interrupted by his two children.

Knowing your message before going on live TV is a must. But Tory MP Chloe Smith shows here that sticking to your talking points, sometimes, just isn’t enough.

Protip: never debate with Will Self, even on a subject that you both agree on,  for fear of him making you look like a dribbling idiot. Here Tory MP Chris Philip took the high risk strategy of going head to head on an issue that they disagreed on. Watch the video as he gets monstered.

At time of posting, Terry Wogan had sadly died, so to honour him I’ve updated this post to include Terry’s legendary interview with David Icke. Just watch!

Was it poorly executed sarcasm? Was it tiredness? Cara Delevingne’s interview with Good Day Sacramento didn’t go too well

It’s an oldie but a goodie… Here the Green Party’s Natalie Bennett gives an ‘excruciating’ radio interview

Former Republican party candidate Christine O’Donnell struggles to deal with Piers Morgan’s posh passive aggression.

Remember when US presidents were *just* incompetent? Bush may have done zero prep, but at least he admits it.

While we are on the subject, here are more videos of politicians leaving their mics on…

Robert Downey Jr walks out of Channel 4 interview but is does Kristian Guru Murthy cross the line?

When you interview someone it is best to make sure you are interviewing the right person. In this interview BBC news interviews the wrong person. #Fail.

It is probably best if you don’t give your colleague the finger live on air. Here a BBC weatherman swears on camera.

Don’t like the question? Get outta there!

So you’ve contaminated the water supply? Don’t forget to stay hydrated during the interview.

There’s a good fellow.” UKIP’s Godfrey Bloom condescends to his interviewer

Don’t bother with insincere apologies, or letting other people make them for you

If surprised by a journalist, buy time in a more sophisticated way than this…

In the face of a crisis, “no comment” is not an option

If you are going to fabricate a PR story, at least prepare some ready responses

You know what they say about failing to prepare? Know the facts

When speaking candidly, check your microphone is off

Don’t worry, even professional presenters get it wrong

If you are going to apologise, do it properly

(as suggested by the E-Word)

Remember Sarah Palin? No media fail montage would be complete without her

(Kindly suggested by one Richard Frost)

Try not to go on and off message

(With thanks to Sean Fleming)

Unless you’re Boris Johnson, don’t swear  (make sure there aren’t any kids in earshot for this one)

(Cheers to Lakey from Econsultancy for this contribution)

Being brave and pugnacious is all well and good, but maybe not in this situation?

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