What is Share of Search? And Why is it Relevant to PR – Download our Free Report

Share of Search has been lauded as a powerful new metric by the advertising industry, but what is it? And why should the advertising industry lead on the development of new industry metrics when PR is known to drive brand, reputation and search? Today, we are launching a new report to tackle the subject as part of the new industry body.

The report was developed by the newly launched PRCA Innovation Forum, which comprises our own board directors and a team of other PR industry experts.

Download the free “Beyond Share of Search” Report here

The initiative launches with the publication of a discussion paper on Share of Search, called Beyond Share of Search: What Matters for PR. It challenges the advertising industry’s claim over Share of Search as both a metric and predictor for market share.
The PRCA Innovation Forum’s view is that while Share of Search has applications in some areas of brand marketing practice, it is a blunt metric. It also fails to address the sophistication of search marketing and public relations.

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