Influencer and Issues Tracking

Influencer and issues tracking

Regardless of how big, how established or how successful you are, you don’t operate in a vacuum. No business is an island and that is why more and more organisations are setting up influencer and issues tracking. This process is led my our influencer PR team.

There are plenty of things out there, matters beyond your immediate influence, beyond your direct control that will impact on your reputation. Matters of risk and opportunity, the chances that you have to make your voice heard and to influence people.

Understanding a World of Opportunity and a World of Threat.

Our influencer and issues tracking looks at the broader themes that matter most to your key stakeholders.

The events and situations that are most important to them. Those that cause the most concern.  Those that they feel represent an opportunity. The leading issues at the top of their agenda.

But more than just acknowledge them we study those issues on an emotional level. Diving deep we work to understand their worldview, exactly what your stakeholders are fearful of, what they’re wary of, angry about or optimistic about. 

The Actions of Others

Beyond determining your stakeholder motivation we work to understand how the actions of others influence how you might be perceived.

For example a high profile competitor collapse or sector scandal. There are issues beyond your immediate sphere of influence that we need to be aware of. Issues that might bear some relation as to how you’re perceived.

It’s vital that we identify, understand and if necessary actively engage with the media affecting perceptions, the channels that matter and the individuals in the form of influence ministerial, political, NGO and celebrity influencers – those key voices able to assist in getting our story heard.

Find out how our Influencer and Issues Tracking can help you understand your marketing environment to inform and inspire your PR.

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