Managing Online Reviews

Managing online reviews in an responsible and appropriate way  is essential to a brand’s reputation. We track the sentiment and impact of online reviews, creating effective strategies to manage profile and respond to reputation risks.

Impact on Reputation and Sales

Managing online reviews is important because they are hugely influential in affecting reputation and future sales.

Our reputation measurement and tracking tools provide detailed analysis of online reviews, showing overall performance and the issues most likely to enhance or damage how brands, products or services are perceived.

We provide ongoing tracking (and even retrospective analysis) to look at trends over time and highlight emerging themes or threats.

It also also possible to benchmark against competitors to see how clients rank within their key markets.

These insights are used to shape communications strategy, devising campaigns that will boost reputation and profile through online reviews and, in turn, increase sales and future reputation.

Our online reviews strategy is supported by our other reputation management services, which include:

Reputation Measurement and Tracking – showing where strengths and weaknesses lie and how reputation is being affected by campaigns and issues.

Coaching and training – working with organisations and business leaders to help them achieve their potential by maximising reputation.

Communications strategy, stakeholder engagement and media relations – using our insights into client reputation to maximise effectiveness and impact of our work to enhance how organisations and brands are perceived.

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