What is the PESO Model?

The PESO Model is a useful method to help practitioners plan, strategise and implement integrated PR and communication campaigns in the digital age.

Historically PR is often thought of solely as a media relations discipline. While media relations is very important, social media and online marketing techniques have moved on the landscape.

Now PR practitioners must be competent with a wide range of paid, earned shared and owned media.

For readers looking to learn about the PESO model, these terms are defined here:

Paid media

Earned media

Shared media

Owned media

These are theoretical terms but are useful in a variety of ways to differentiate and communicate what a contemporary PR campaign looks like. 

They provide greater clarity into exactly what PR practitioners do. They help us scope out work and contracts more effectively and help the division of labour both internally within agencies and client-side.

They are also useful to measure PR outcomes as part of the AMEC framework.

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