How to take a brief for a travel PR press trip

In the dynamic world of travel and hospitality, a well-executed press trip can be a game-changer in elevating a hotel’s brand visibility and reputation. At PR Agency One, our travel PR team meticulously plan these press trips to ensure they not only resonate with our clients’ objectives but also provide an enriching experience for attendees.

With a keen focus on detail and effectiveness, we’ve developed a comprehensive press trip brief, tailored to the unique needs of today’s media landscape. This brief includes critical elements ranging from in-depth brand details and journalist profiles to the inclusion of modern digital influencers, ensuring each aspect of the trip aligns perfectly with our client’s vision and goals.

Join us as we delve into the key components that make our press trips an outstanding success.

  1. Brand Details: Comprehensive information about the hotel’s brand, including its market positioning, reputation, and unique characteristics. This helps gauge the task’s complexity and approach.
  2. Number of Journalists: The exact number of journalists they wish to invite, as it influences the planning and logistics of the trip.
  3. Journalist Profiles and Media Types: Detailed profiles of the journalists and the types of media they represent (travel, lifestyle, luxury publications, etc.). This information is essential for targeted invitations and planning.
  4. Trip Duration: The precise length of the trip, which is key for itinerary development and budget considerations.
  5. Offerings for Journalists: Full details on what is included for the journalists, such as accommodation, meals, and additional amenities. Clear information here is crucial for effective communication and planning.
  6. Flights Inclusion: Confirmation on whether the trip includes flights, and if so, details regarding the class and type of flights offered.
  7. Available Dates: Specific dates or a range of dates for when the press trip is planned. This is important for scheduling and coordinating with the journalists.
  8. Accompanying Needs: Whether the journalists require accompanying during their stay, including guided tours or assistance.
  9. Airport Transfers: Information on whether transfers from and to the airport are provided as part of the trip.
  10. Family or Guest Inclusion: Clarification on whether journalists are allowed to bring family members or guests, and if so, the details of what will be covered for them.
  11. Influencer Participation: Details on the inclusion of influencers (both gifted and paid), outlining the number of influencers, the type of influencers (e.g., travel, lifestyle, luxury), terms of engagement, expected content deliverables, and any specific requirements or accommodations needed for them. This is essential for budgeting, itinerary planning, and aligning the press trip experience with both journalistic and influencer content creation needs.

Gathering this detailed information will ensure you can plan and execute the press trips effectively, aligned with the hotel’s goals and available resources and will help you calculate cost.  Get in contact if you need press trips organising for your travel brand.

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