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The UK healthtech sector is more relevant than ever, commanding a market value of £2.9 billion. At PR Agency One, we offer award-winning expertise uniquely tailored for this dynamic and fast-changing industry.

Emerging Healthtech Subsectors We Cover

We specialise in a range of emerging healthtech areas including virtual consultations via Telehealth and Telemedicine, the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in diagnostics and treatments, and Blockchain for secure medical records. We also bring expertise in Wearables and IoT, Data Analytics, Virtual and Augmented Reality in medical training, Cybersecurity in Healthcare, Genomics, Mental Health Tech, and 3D Printing for medical applications.

Comprehensive Service Offerings Tailored to Healthtech

At PR Agency One, we take a strategic approach to public relations. Our consultancy is based on a deep understanding of your business objectives to ensure an optimal return on investment. Our global reach allows us to position your brand on an international stage, tailoring strategies to diverse markets. Our media relations strategy leverages an extensive network of contacts to secure impactful placements in reputable outlets. We go beyond traditional PR with a strong focus on digital outreach and SEO, backed by performance analytics through our in-house evaluation system, OneEval. Crisis management, stakeholder engagement, and integrated marketing strategies complete our comprehensive service offerings.

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Success Story: PushDoctor

Our collaboration with PushDoctor is a testament to our healthcare PR capabilities. Through strategic PR, we helped the company secure Series A to Series B funding, created demand for new product categories, and established a strong brand presence in the media.

Measuring Success with OneEval

We employ OneEval, our award-winning in-house evaluation system, to offer precise metrics on campaign performance. This includes tracking key message delivery in editorial content, comparative share of voice, improvement in key search terms, and increases in branded search traffic, among other metrics.

Your Journey, Our Expertise

Whether you’re a start-up seeking momentum, progressing towards your next funding round, or an established brand looking to grow, PR Agency One has the tools and talent to help you fulfil your strategic vision. Tell us your goals, and we’ll tailor our services to help you achieve them.

TeleHealthCare in the form of Activity Monitoring, Medication Management and Self Care Video Consultation

Then there’s Health Analytics such as Genomics, Precision medicine and Data Analytics as well as Digitised Health Systems that work with Patient and Provider Held Records.

Whatever your subsector, wherever you on your journey, and whatever your next milestone we have the proven experience and the award winning expertise to help.

Tell us where you want to go.

We’ll help you get there.

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