Health and Fitness PR

PR Agency One is a leader in Health and Fitness PR. We support gym companies, training firms, equipment providers and medical practitioners to deliver media relations excellence.

Founded in 2011, health and fitness specialist PR Agency One has grown organically to become one of the most respected PR agencies in the UK top 150. We understand what you need to make it to the top.

Digital Health & Fitness PR

Health & fitness PR is digital first. To succeed, it’s critical to harness PR campaigns in earned, owned and paid channels.

That means a deep understanding of how the media works, and how links in editorial coverage can be used to influence search engine results. Media relations campaigns can be used to drive enquiries and revenue as much as build brand and reputation. It is this level of specialist understanding that sets PR Agency One apart from the competition. We are the right mix of creativity, strategy and digital skills to make your brand a success.

PR Agency One is a multi-specialist agency with B2B and Consumer teams that enables us to target corporate firms, investors and consumers.

For support with health and fitness PR, Digital and Reputation management, please call James Crawford on 0161 871 9140.


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