Free to download PR pitch briefing template

Here is our free to download PR agency briefing template that can help you master the basics of writing a PR brief. You’ll be surprised how many important facts and pieces of information are missing from PR briefs, so we thought we’d write this template for you as a starter for ten.

Please use this link to download our PR brief template. Feel free to contact me, James Crawford, if you have any questions on your brief.


The brief will take you through the following questions:


Please tell us about your company (your products/ services, annual turnover, who owns the company etc.):


Please tell us about the market your company is in and where your company ranks within that market:


Who are your competitors?


What are your commercial objectives?


Who would you like to reach through PR (customers/ Government/ your own employees/ a potential buyer for your business)?


What methods or channels are you currently using to market your business?


What targets would you like to achieve from PR – what would success look like to you?


Please tell us what budget you have for PR and over what time period this can be spent?


When would you like PR activity to begin?


Please use this link to download our PR brief template and don’t forget to invite PR Agency One to your pitch.


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