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PR Brief Template - PR Agency OneHere is our free to download PR agency brief template that can help you master the basics of writing a PR brief. You’ll be surprised how many important facts and pieces of information are missing from PR briefs, so we thought we’d write this template for you as a starter for ten.

Please use this link to download our PR brief template. Feel free to contact me, James Crawford, if you have any questions on your brief.

What should you include in a PR Brief?

  • Details about your company (your products/ services, annual turnover, who owns the company, etc.).
    • Sharing your company background information is a vital starting point for any PR brief. Make sure you outline the most up to date information as possible.
    • This is often the first time we will see this information about you and your company, and all details shared will allow us to build a profile of your current business in relation to your competitors and the rest of your market.
    • Be sure to share as information much as possible with us including your USPs, if you are a start-up or established brand, your sales, turnover and targets for the next period if possible.
    • Do you have any internal PR and marketing support, or are you looking to outsource your entire PR?
  • Details about the market your company is in and where your company ranks within that market.
    • This point builds on sharing your company information to provide us with a greater understanding of where you currently sit within your market and also the size of the market you are currently within.
    • It may be that you are a market leader for a completely new product or service offering or you are one of many but offering a more diverse or desirable product.
  • Who your competitors are.
    • It’s always good to be aware of your direct competitors and who you are currently working against to gain a greater market share for your company and brand.
    • Share any relevant websites, branding and/or reputation reports you may have on file. We always provided a full competitor analysis, looking at messaging, online visibility and brand awareness.
  • What your commercial objectives are.
    • We are here to support you and your company, therefore it’s important to share your commercial objectives in addition to any specific PR objectives which we can help you work towards and achieve these goals. We’ll also use these to create a set of communication objectives too.
    • It’s essential your goals are outlined from the start so we can ensure proposed PR campaigns can support and also work towards your overall commercial objectives.
  • Who you would like to reach through PR (customers/ Government/ your own employees/ a potential buyer for your business).
    • Ask yourself what audience you would like to target. If you wish to target various audiences, please do list them here. This will aid us to better develop proposed campaigns and ensure we are communicating your brand and messaging precisely to each target market.
    • Be sure to share any key brand messages you already have set out as this will be a focus for PR campaign messaging.
  • What methods or channels you are currently using to market your business.
    • Providing us with an overview of which channels you are currently utilising will enable us to review your current communication strategy. Are you currently using PR? Do you have any corporate social responsibility campaigns? Do you undertake any public consultations or community engagement? From this we may come back to you with suggested channels, methods and/or platforms. This will maximise your share of voice and reach a greater percentage of your desired target market whilst communicating key brand messaging.
  • What targets you would like to achieve from PR (what success would look like to you).
    • This in line with your commercial objectives are the most important purposes of a PR brief – think beyond mere PR outputs such as press releases and coverage and think about outcomes too.
    • Questions to ask yourself when completing this point are:
      • What exactly do you want to achieve from PR?
      • Do you want wider services than just media relations? Do you want social media and technical SEO support?
      • Where would you like to take your brand?
      • Why you are seeking to use PR to achieve this?
      • What does success look like to you?
  • What budget you have for PR and over what time period this can be spent.
    • If you don’t have a specific budget or timeline in mind, it’s good to provide us with a range so we can propose a realistic campaign and recommend timings.
    • By not stating what budget you have available at this stage, we could propose an ambitious but costly campaign that includes, stunts, press launches, high profile ambassadors and events, but on reflection, this could be nowhere near achievable with your actual budget.
    • Our proposals will always include scalable ideas and supporting campaigns depending on budgets available.
  • When you would like PR activity to begin.
    • We can work with various timings, from one-off crisis comms or quick, short term projects to long term brand building campaigns, all of which can be combined if needed.
    • We can also work with you to unite PR with a specific phase of your business plan. If you share with us an idea of timings, we can work with you to recommend the best timeline to suit your campaign and commercial objectives.

Additional PR Brief Tips

  • Do your research, you know your business and brand the best so make sure you research the type of agency you are approaching and if you feel they align with your company in terms of size, scale and ambition.  Do you know about northshoring for example? We are the best of the best, but it’s important we are on the same page from the very beginning which includes completing a PR brief. This way we can make sure you are 100% happy with your chosen agency as we are going to work closely together building your brand and surpassing your competitors.
  • Ask us anything – if you feel you have questions when completing the PR brief, we are always free for a chat. Please do get in touch and ask us anything if you are unsure of how to compete certain points.
  • You may need input from colleagues on your brief so be prepared to work as a team to complete a PR brief before returning it back to the agency.
  • Don’t keep it too short and sweet – if you only provide short, incomplete answers we will ask for more information from you. It’s important we clearly understand the information requested in our brief so we can come back with a proposal that will meet your needs and expectations.
  • Remember, the more information you provide the more specific a PR proposal will be.
  • Feedback is always welcome – after a PR pitch if you decide to proceed or even decline PR, feedback is always welcome on the proposal. Often, we can make adjustments or change elements to meet your expectations if needed.

Please use this link to download our PR brief template which will take you through these questions and don’t forget to invite PR Agency One to your pitch.

If you want more information, please call James Crawford on:

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