Trust measurement and tracking

Trust measurement and tracking

It’s crucial that your brand satisfies your customers, that there’s a reality/expectation match. Because the better the match, the tighter that gap, the more, comfortable, confident and complementary your customers become. More profitable too. This is why trust and measurement tracking matters to your bottom line.

We track the emotional response to brands, products, and issues. Whether people are pleased, displeased, delighted or disappointed with their experience. Unless you’re aware of the delivery/experience dynamic you won’t be able to strengthen strengths or take remedial action when things slip out of sync.

Operational Adjustment

As powerful as PR can be it can’t mask something that isn’t true. In other words, if your product, your offer or experience is weak then PR is not the solution. 

Changing your product, offer or experience and making it better is. It’s the only thing that can help. The only thing that can bridge the reality/expectation gap. An unreal expectation will quick undermine trust. And if your business is falling down that gap then you need to know about it as quickly as possible.

Ryan Air. The most luxurious sets? The most reliable departure times? No. That’s unrealistic. Trust would collapse 

If you told a RyanAir luxury story the trust in your message and the business would vaporise in an instant.

The cheapest fares? A great value way to get your holiday started? Well, that’s true, you’re aligned. Credible. Believable.

Our trust measurement and tracking tests emotional response to your brand and makes sure your PR is truthful, consistent and won’t risk credibility breakdowns.

Managing Risk

The other important role that trust measurement and tracking plays is managing risk. 

Making sure that we understand where reputation might be being put at risk and making sure we’re responding in a way to protect the brand. 

For example if you’re dealing with a controversial topic or in an industry that has been tarnished by a competitor then you need to understand how much that is affecting your brand so you can tell your story in a way to protect you from reputational risk that might harm the value of your business, your commercial goals or the partnerships you’re trying to create. 

Time to accurately measure and track the trust in your brand? 

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