Insight, Research, Reporting and Evaluation

Measurement, Research, Reporting and Evaluation

Insight – Turn on the light

With big data, data science, data analysis and data visualisation now part of the common PR conversation plenty of good PR agencies will talk a good measurement, research, reporting and evaluation game. Most public relations agencies have abandoned outdated metrics such as AVE for more trusted metrics, linked to outcomes. Most established agencies have started to adhere to the AMEC Measurement Framework and the PRCA and CIPR are making strides to ensure that the PR industry ups its game.

But talking a good insights game is one thing. Properly understanding and applying measurement, research, reporting and evaluation to your brand and reputation as well as your commercials is something else entirely. 

Our A-game, commercial attribution, reputation management, measurement, research, reporting and evaluation is what we do best. We are the original measurement and evaluation specialists and our company was founded back in 2011 with a promise to provide clients with greater clarity on outcomes. We recognised very early in that measurement and evaluation is a client’s best opportunity to achieve their commercial objectives and grow their business, making sure they can wring every ounce of value from a PR campaign.

It’s not unheard of for agencies, in the name of ‘measurement’ to wheel in external specialist support to post rationalise campaigns. Not here. Measurement is a key service component, an integral part of our offering and all staff have extensive measurement training, for example in Google analytics.

Put simply, no-one, but no-one understands PR, digital, reputation management, measurement, research, reporting and evaluation like we do. You’re in the safest of hands.

AMEC aligned in-house KPI, brand, reputation and conversion measurement tools, PRCA Approved Measurement Champion accredited and designed to benchmark against competitors and show the correlation between PR results and commercial performance. 

It’s an understanding that has seen us develop a suite of industry-leading OneEval commercial, reputation and brand measurement and tracking products. 

And it’s why those products win the biggest national and international awards in PR:

It’s also why our clients are able to enjoy a deeper and richer understanding of their audiences, their sector and also their own businesses.

Best practice in Measurement, Research, Reporting and Evaluation

It’s true, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. You can’t properly strategise either, or plan, or run PR campaigns or shape those communication initiatives for maximum success. 

Unless you turn on the measurement light, unless you interrogate your performance, study your audience, your sector and unless you have the measurement and evaluation tools to abstract real meaning from the real world around you, you’ll always be working in the dark. Always guessing. Hoping that PR will hit the mark.

We have three core products:

These help us achieve a wide range of commercial and reputational PR goals for our clients. Find out more about OneEval PR Measurement and Evaluation products.

We also offer a broad range of reputation measurement services, surveys and data science and analytics consultancy.  

Measurement and Evaluation to show Past, Present and Future Performance

At PR Agency One we’ll help you see the past, present and future of your business and communications objectives in bright, crystal clear relief.   We show brands, how their business tracks against competitor brands, how its reputation is perceived and how PR is driving traffic and online visibility that converts into sales and conversions

More than that we’ll use leading AMEC aligned PR measurement and evaluation techniques to help clients understand what they are seeing. A clear understanding of the world as it really is. Because it’s only by understanding the world as it really is that can really influence it – to make the best, most informed, most influential PR decisions to mitigate risk, maximise opportunity and make the most of every PR campaign and campaign budget.

Talk to us about new, more focused, more profitable ways for you to grow your business.

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