B2B Technology PR

Technology vendors share many common challenges that go  beyond just trying to articulate the benefits of their solution to customers.  A good B2B technology PR provider is a must to avoid the age old mistakes that so many technology providers face.

Known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, technology is impacting entire industries and economies, and transforming the way we live, work and interact.  Yet why  is it with this enormous impact that many B2B technology offerings fall by the wayside?

The world is being driven by a staggering range of new technologies from artificial intelligence to driverless cars and implants that help blind people to see. Yet so many technology innovations die because they run out of funding, before acquiring enough customers to break even, or because competitors reach feature parity before a brand has taken a foothold. Marketing is an essential tool to build and protect a market position before the competitors catch up.  Hiring a good PR agency is an important first step.

B2B Technology public relations

PR Agency One’s award-winning B2B Technology team is trusted by global brands and digital start-ups with product launches, profile raising and brand awareness, and support with investor funding.

We work across a wide range of sectors, including, retail, education, charity, fintech and health. We understand your commercial objectives and create campaigns to help you get there using our in house measurement and reporting product OneEval.

Our expertise covers everything from hardware through to cutting-edge augmented reality, cloud computing, and digital learning platforms.

PR Agency One is at the forefront of the growing technology hubs across the UK including Manchester and Oxford, and in the FinTech sector.

In-house B2B Technology and Digital expertise

Our in-house B2B Tech PR and Digital teams remain in-touch and relevant with cutting-edge innovations through our connections with universities, and technology events such as SAScon, the UK’s leading Search, Analytics and Social Conference.

Our Technology media relations team works with firms to raise their profile in the trade, lifestyle and national media, which has a voracious appetite for new products and new thinking.

We understand they way Technology businesses can sell into their chosen vertical sectors better than any other PR agency and will help raise the profile of your business no matter how challenging the brief.

To benefit from our specialist B2B Technology PR knowledge, please call James Crawford on:

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