Fortnite’s Big Black Hole PR Stunt

Fans of Fortnite are sitting around wondering what to do today as the popular video game “disappeared” overnight, as its tenth season ended. An asteroid blew up the game’s map, leaving fans, and its 250 million players, unable to play the game. Naturally gamers took to social media to share their distain and new-found boredom. […]

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Why We Hold the Communications Management Standard

CMS Communications Management Standard

Before answering “why,” the first question a lot of our staff asked was just what was the PRCA’s Communications Management Standard? It’s a fair point. It does seem somewhat inscrutable to the layperson. Holding the Communications Management Standard means that we are a well-run company, with quality processes and a focus on looking after our […]

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Our New Employer Brand has Gone Live Today

Today we are launching our new employer brand and to mark this occasion we have created a free to download Alternative Company Handbook, which lifts the lid on our company culture and what it is like to work at PR Agency One.  You can download that here. We’ve spent the last twelve months working hard […]

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What to Look for In a PR Agency Outside of London

Are you wondering what to look for in a PR agency outside of London? Location no longer matters, and gone are the days where proximity to media publishers mattered.  What really counts is if a PR agency has the experience, pedigree and passion to work for your business or brand. London agencies can be just […]

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Hasbro’s Trivial Pursuits Hotel PR Stunt

In April 2019, Hasbro teamed up with the four-star Svezy Veter Country Hotel complex just outside Moscow, to launch a hotel concept with a twist. The Trivial Pursuits Hotel is a cottage with three bedrooms and enviable amenities including a sauna and BBQ area, however this hotel comes with a twist: no payment is required […]

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Our Award Winning PR Measurement Suite Recognised at the AMEC Awards 2019


PR Agency One’s award winning PR measurement products fended off competition from global businesses to win a Gold Innovation Award for New Measurement Methodologies at the AMEC Awards 2019 in Prague. The AMEC Awards are an international scheme recognising the world’s best examples of marketing and PR measurement. They are open to businesses from all […]

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No Oppressive Regimes, No Tobacco Companies

After careful consideration, last week we decided to go public with our decision not to work with a business which is wholly owned by what we feel meets our definition of an oppressive regime. This decision was widely acclaimed as a positive thing and we are pleased that our position was well received. We felt […]

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Northshoring your PR

Northshoring seems to be an ever-growing trend. And, like with most things in business, the PR industry is also part of the trend. Northshoring PR functions – whereby clients specifically shop for agencies outside of the M25 – is increasingly popular and, in this blog post, I will look at some of the reasons why. […]

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