Competition for a PR job is strong, particularly in the graduate market when it can be difficult to get your first foot on the career ladder and stand out from the crowd. Jobs in PR are few and far between so it is best to make the most of every CV and application that you […]

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Jobs in PR

Influencer marketing: the importance of authenticity

When Scarlett Dixon posted a – now infamous – image of a “typical” morning to her 52,000 Instagram followers, she triggered an enormous response. The post, in which the blogger is seen enjoying a (curiously empty) cup of tea on a perfectly-made bed, surrounded by balloons and a plate of pancakes-cum-tortilla wraps, is an advert […]

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The importance of consent in PR

The important lesson to be learnt from Brewdog’s latest PR fiasco Scottish craft brewer Brewdog is no stranger to controversy, with a history of arguably ill-advised PR and marketing stunts. However, the brand looked set to leave the shock tactics in the past with an announcement in September signalling a move to more ‘responsible’ marketing. […]

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PR Stunts…the good, the bad and the ugly!

Definition: public relations noun the professional maintenance of a favourable public image by a company or other organization or a famous person. “public relations is often looked down on by the media” the state of the relationship between a company or other organization or a famous person and the public. “companies justify the cost in […]

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PR Stunts

PR training: How to lead through a coaching approach

Leadership for PR Professionals In any industry, management can be a difficult task. As PR professionals, we work to tight deadlines, often juggling multiple projects at any given time. As such, watertight organisational skills are essential for the role. However, it’s not just our own workloads we need to manage. As we progress through the […]

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Useful resources about using SEO PR for link building

A friend in digital marketing recently asked for a resource, or some insight, that would help PR professionals maximise their efforts along the lines of getting the site links and citations alongside their efforts.  Her aim was to point PR people in the right direction to help them do a better job at SEO PR. […]

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What is clickbait in 2018 and what does it mean for PRs?

What is clickbait? It has drastically changed the way news websites and social media feeds look – but what is clickbait, and what does it mean for PRs like us where media relations is so central? The Oxford English Dictionary defines clickbait as “content whose main purpose is to attract attention and encourage visitors to […]

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Decathlon Appoints PR Agency One

PR AGENCY ONE SCORES WITH DECATHLON APPOINTMENT PR Agency One has been appointed by one of the world’s biggest sports retailers. It has been briefed as part of a major marketing drive to raise Decathlon’s brand awareness and store footfall in the UK. Founded in 1976 in Lille, France, Decathlon has stores all over the […]

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Decathlon Appoints PR Agency One

Influencer marketing: how to separate fact from fiction

In 2018 influencer marketing and outreach now features heavily on most client PR briefs, demand for this niche is driven by marketing media and bloggers who are posting about the effectiveness of this supposedly ‘new’ way of marketing.   But despite the huge demand for influencer campaigns, there is still so much misinformation out there […]

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Getting organised with work

GDPR is here – and the PR industry is still going strong

GDPR is now (finally) upon us. Despite this, there’s still a great deal of misinformation out there concerning the legislation, as well as how it’s set to affect the PR industry. Luckily, because the majority of the information we use is held by third parties, GDPR is unlikely to have a major impact on the […]

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