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Looking for an award-winning specialist technology PR agency? You have arrived.

You won’t find a better custodian of your brand or your technology, be it the latest consumer tech, an app, fintech service or a high specialised B2B technology.

PR Agency One are Tech PR Specialists

Because unlike most so called technology PR consultancies we haven’t just bolted tech onto our offering. It’s been there from day one.  And our success has been recognised numerous times. We’ve been crowned technology PR agency of the year at the PR Moment Awards.

We were born a tech PR agency – not just in the tech clients we serve, but in the approach we follow and technology we use to serve them. Our approach to public relations blurs good old fashioned PR consultancy with digital skills which deliver results and real commercial outcomes.

You are not just another tech firm, you are a brand that needs nurturing and to be handled by a team who really get what you stand for, not just the code or hardware that drives you.

We offer both B2B and B2C technology PR consultancy and for a wide range of technologically focused sectors.

Talented Consultants and Agency-Wide Digital Expertise

A 22 strong digital native technology PR team applying all the latest PR analytics, goal setting and digital marketing techniques to classical media relations and outreach. We’ll build your reputation, grow brand awareness and generate leads, working with some of the finest minds in public relations, search and analytics to make a real difference to your commercial objectives.

Our senior management team consists of technology PR professionals who have over ten decades of tech experience. They have guided clients through a huge change in the technology landscape and in the media’s approach to client stories. They have also overseen huge shifts in what is now considered the remit of a PR agency. Rest assured they know what works and while coverage is still king, reputation, brand and sales conversions rule them all.

Not just that but our award winning, in-house measurement system OneEval that allows us to carefully evolve every campaign based on campaign performance analysis, not guesswork.

21st Century Technology Public Relations

21st Century Tech PR across consumer and B2B disciplines, including Fintech, HealthTech, AdTech, Industry 4.0, Ecommerce and a whole range of other Tech PR specialisms.

The depth and breadth of our technology credentials allows us to be confident in any newly emerging sector, or established niche.

We find our technology clients are among the most technologically and commercially savvy organisations on our roster. They know what is needed to hit the target or break even, they understand how PR will help them get there.

PR to Support the Tech Funding Journey

And because we understand the tech funding journey and have worked on campaigns across its entire length we know exactly what’s needed, when, for the best results.

We’ve supported technology organisations of all shapes and sizes, from ‘unicorns’ like Perkbox through to those on the seed funding rounds or heading towards series A investment.  We know what is needed to acquire new customers or hit those objectives on your next funding round. We’ll live and breath your account.

We’ve done it all: Washing machines. Online GP video consultation. Age verification software. Mobile payments compliance. Gift cards. Reverse price auctions. Accountancy software. Social media platforms. Hairdryers. Smart mobility scooters. Web forms. Health and safety software. Computer vision. Smart bollards. Augmented Display Advertising. Retail pricing software. Drones. Chinese mobile phones. User experience. Retail Fintech.

Don’t waste another moment.

Wherever you are on your journey, wherever you want to go, whatever your story, we’ve all the new tools, all the traditional PR skills and all the experience to take you where you need to go.

Talk to us today.

Call now on 0161 871 9140, or email [email protected].

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