OneEval – Commercial Measurement

OneEval Commercial Measurement and pr evaluation tools

OneEval – Commercial is a proprietary method of evaluation which uses a range of techniques and tools to show the correlation and causation of PR to sales and other commercial outcomes.

For many businesses PR exists to move the commercial dial – to help you sell more, to get more sign-ups, to attract talented staff who want to work for you. To fulfil whatever commercial objectives you set. More often than not – ‘Is PR meaning you’re selling more stuff to more people.’

Essential Digital Insights

OneEval – Commercial is PR Agency One’s award-winning insights package that gives you all the PR, Digital measurement, reporting information you need to evaluate your commercial PR performance and shape campaigns to maximum effect. 

PR Evaluation Tools

A mission-critical window on your PR’s commercial performance OneEval – Commercial reports on all the essential digital data, analytics, conversion and attribution work taking place under the bonnet. The growth and the strength of your brand awareness and organic visibility, the nature and source of your website traffic, how that traffic is converting and the steps necessary to continually shape winning campaigns.

Award-Winning In-house Digital PR Expertise

And because all PRAO staff are trained to apply the latest analytics, panel research, goal setting and digital marketing techniques and tools (Google Analytics, Search Console, SearchMetrics, SEMRush, Ruler Analytics and Majestic) it means that OneEval is always working hard to deliver the important insights.

Award-winning, AMEC-aligned reputation, brand and commercial measurement innovation that means we can plan, fulfil and measure communications and organisational objectives across paid, earned, shared and owned media.

Understanding The Commercials That Matter

From Basic OneEval – Commercial that provides media analysis of press clippings and studies digital data on links, link authority, link coverage though to the incredibly powerful Advanced OneEval – Commercial which attributes sales back to specific product sales with PR’d product sales tracked as part of the value of a basket to prove and value PR impact.

Talk to us about how the Basic, Standard and Advanced range of OneEval – Commercial products can help you measure, research, report and evaluate the commercials that matter.

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