Retail Technology PR

Retail Technology PR

Retail Technology – it’s the simple difference. The difference between retail success and retail oblivion. You know that.

And with the high street bodycount rising weekly it’s clear that the smart retailers, the successful retailers, are those that invest in smart Retail Technology – the back office systems, the POS, RFID, one-click, contactless payments and biometrics, supply chain and workforce management that now drive and define 21st Century retail. You know that too.

Which makes it all the more important that your Retail Tech, your products and your services are not only clearly visible to clients seeking to cut costs, sell more or better manage their data and customer experience but that your contribution to their success is clearly understood.

Retail Technology PR. Your Message Vivid. Your Value Indisputable

Sharing the right messages with the right people, it’s what we do. But not like other Retail PR companies.

Next Generation Retail Technology PR

We take the best of traditional media relations and combine it with the best of modern digital marketing including high value link-building, goal setting, conversion rate optimisation and analytics.

Fresh Retail Tech thinking, fresh opportunities for you.

It’s a unique combination, especially in the context of our proven expertise and the fact that we use an award winning evaluation system, OneEval, that measures a vast range of deliverables including:

  • Improvements in the number and position of key search terms
  • Branded search traffic to clients’ domain (a KPI of brand awareness)
  • Setting measurable conversion targets and attributing outcomes to PR activity
  • Goal setting, e.g. number of campaign visitors who visit the ‘contact us’ page  

Award Winning Retail Technology PR

Why trust a generalist when you can trust a specialist award winning Retail Tech PR company?

Retail Technology PR that has seen the likes of Pureplayonline and a host of omnichannel retailers achieve strategic marketing objectives double quick time.

Can ensure that the benefits of your technology software application are understood by the main players be they a pure online retailers or exist in the omnichannel space

How can we help you too?

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