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Digital customer service can make or break a reputation. Our reputation measurement and tracking tools reveal the reputation of digital customer service, analysing how consumers perceive the quality of products and services as well as the underlying reputation of your brand.

How Do You Delight or Frustrate Customers?

By measuring and tracking the reputation of digital customer service, we can reveal the aspects of your service that most delight or frustrate users, helping to target future improvements and investment.

These trends can be tracked over time (even retrospectively) revealing how events or issues are affecting perceptions amongst key audiences.  By understanding when these issues occur, for example seasonal patterns or problems at specific times of the day, it is easier to plan ways to ease frustration and protect reputation.

We can also benchmark reputation against competitors to help show where you stand within the market, helping target areas for improvement and also opportunities to steal a march on your direct rivals.

Our measurement and tracking services work alongside our other reputation management support:

Coaching and training – working with organisations and business leaders to help them achieve their potential by maximising reputation.

Communications strategy, stakeholder engagement and media relations – using our insights into customer reputation to maximise effectiveness and impact of our work to enhance how organisations and brands are perceived.

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