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In the fast-evolving landscape of Adtech, differentiation is key. Whether your technology is geared towards real-time bidding, data analytics, or customer engagement, there is a unique space for you to own.

We empower you to seize that space. Through precise positioning and strategic storytelling, we help you demonstrate how your technology solutions offer unparalleled advantages in targeting, delivery, and analytics.

Profile and positioning opportunities that we help you take profitably. The chance to clearly and creatively show your clients how your Adtech helps them better target, better deliver, and better analyse their digital advertising.

Navigating the Complexities of Adtech

In the ever-evolving Adtech sector, staying ahead of technological trends is not just beneficial—it’s essential. We’ve guided our clients through several pivotal transitions and innovations:

  • Real-Time Bidding (RTB): As programmatic advertising grows increasingly sophisticated, we’ve helped clients optimise their RTB strategies, achieving higher ROI through more targeted placements.
  • Data Privacy Regulations: With the advent of GDPR and CCPA, data privacy has never been more crucial. We’ve assisted clients in navigating these complex regulations while maintaining effective ad targeting and customer engagement strategies.
  • Artificial Intelligence: As AI algorithms become more integrated into Adtech platforms, we’ve helped our clients leverage machine learning for predictive analytics, thereby improving customer segmentation and ad effectiveness.
  • Cross-Platform Tracking: In an era where consumers move fluidly between devices, we’ve aided clients in implementing tracking solutions that provide a coherent view of customer journeys, from mobile to desktop to in-store experiences.

Our hands-on experience with these and other emerging technologies ensures that you’re not just keeping pace with industry changes—you’re staying one step ahead.”

Adtech PR – Proven Results

Nothing speaks more clearly to our capabilities than our track record. Allow us to share a couple of case studies that exemplify our tailored approach to Adtech PR. Two recent and successful examples of our expert Adtech PR in action:

  1. Bidooh Realtime a transparent, self-service, real-time digital advertising platform aimed at the £20bn Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising market.
  2. Omnia’s Dynamic Marketing, an intelligent bid management tool that uses an intelligent plug and play bidding algorithm to calculate bids on both internal data (e.g. purchase price, logistics costs) and external data sources (e.g. competitor pricing, Google Analytics data).

Find our more. Call now on 0161 871 9140.

Your Adtech PR Journey

Why choose us? We offer an intimate understanding of the Adtech landscape. Our expertise spans:

  • Programmatic Advertising: Navigating real-time bidding systems to maximise ROI.
  • Data Integration: Ensuring seamless data flow between your Adtech and existing systems

Because we know the Adtech landscape. Intimately. Because we understand the Adtech journey too and exactly what it takes to move you to the next level of success. And because we use the smartest in traditional media relations and modern tech to do it.  

A unique combination of on and offline national and international coverage, content creation, high value link-building, goal setting, conversion rate optimisation and analytics. Modern PR for modern technologies. No one even comes close.

Measuring Your Adtech PR Success

Our award winning evaluation system, OneEval, gives you total transparency on a vast range of deliverables. Performance laid bare. Real world, real time measurement including:

  • Key message delivery in editorial
  • Share of voice compared to competitors
  • Improvements in the number and position of key search terms
  • Branded search traffic to clients’ domain (a KPI of brand awareness)

Again, no one even comes close.

Award Winning Adtech PR

The choice between a proven Adtech PR specialist and PR generalist?

Really? Is there one?

Talk to us today. We’ll show you the many ways we can help you grow your business.

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