One Network – our international PR offering

With offices in 21 countries, our ‘One Network’ can operate a global PR campaign to maximise results – whether your business needs digital PR in London, or crisis comms in Amsterdam, or brand building stunts in New York, our network can help.

One Network delivers huge reach, strategic planning, global delivery all underpinned by a reputation for international measurement and evaluation.

We are a culturally aligned group connected agencies who follow quality business processes to ensure seamless delivery. We offer a project team of independent consultancies and talented practitioners who work collaboratively across key global markets.

Our network covers all the major European, Asian, African and North American economies.

The services we offer:

From consumer, B2B and corporate PR right through to specialist support with creative campaigns and stunts our team can advise on the best way handle your international PR requirement.

We work on a framework approach, where a single global strategy is designed and then tailored for individual territories, based on the individual nuance within the market.

Why use our ‘One Network’?

Delivering a global announcement can be expensive, challenging and difficult.  Managing multiple stakeholders takes time and navigating different time-zones is fraught with challenges.

One Network helps to overcome these difficulties with a centralised approach to reduce account management and ‘fee burning’ from multiple meetings in different territories.

Using our network we can provide a “follow the sun” (FTS) model which allows us to provide 24/7 service globally without the additional cost of providing out of office hours staffing. This methodology enables a quick roll out of campaigns and media announcements, without wasting a single second.

Our international campaigns are run by project managers, rather than account managers. These people are skilled in managing multiple teams at once to ensure complex global campaigns are delivered on time and to budget.

Measuring an international campaign

PR measurement is difficult at the best of times but doing so internationally across multiple languages adds more complexity.  You need a partner that can demonstrate the ROI, measure the reputation or define the brand visibility.  Our measurement team can help build a measurement framework that is accessible from one view to provide an at a glance dashboard of success.

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